Automate Pulse Wi-fi Hub

Automate Pulse Wi-fi Hub: The Best Way to Control Your Blinds

Living in a house without blinds or automate shades is difficult. Your home is exposed to both the sun and to the eyes of your neighbors and bystanders. But drawing the blinds around your home is just as difficult as having none. So, what can you do? You can get an Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub to control the blinds.

Automate Pulse wifi Hub

What Is Automate Pulse Wi-Fi Hub?

The Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub is a smart device that can give you full control of your ARC blinds with just a single tap. Created by Rollease Acmeda, the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub removes the inconvenience of drawing up the ARC blinds yourself. The device syncs with your ARC blinds and relays the commands you give through your smartphone.

How Does the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi Hub Work?

The Automate Pulse Wi-fi hub uses Wi-Fi connection to sync with the ARC motors of your blinds, allowing for bi-directional communication between the hub and the ARC motors. The hub also connects to your smartphone through the Automate Pulse app which can be downloaded on the app store.

Through the Automate Pulse app, you can give commands to your chosen automate shades without having to use the remote. And because the Wi-Fi hub uses bi-directional communication with the blinds, it can provide you with data on the blinds like the current position of the blinds and the battery life of the ARC motor.

Can the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi Hub Work Remotely?

Because the Wi-Fi hub is connected to the internet, users can control the ARC blinds remotely over the internet. This means you don’t need to be in the same Wi-Fi connection as the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub to control your blinds.

Users will need to create an account on the app and add the ARC blinds to their account to use this feature. The hub can have up to 5 users with one user as the administrator. Users can also control several Wi-Fi hubs and have the option to switch between hubs as long as they are connected to the internet.

What Are the Unique Features of the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi Hub?

The Automate Pulse wi-fi hub has unique features that users cannot do with the blind remotes. These features include:

Bi-directional connection – The Wi-Fi hub connects with the ARC motor of the blinds through Bi-directional communication. And relays information about the shade to the Automate Pulse app. This allows users to accurately see their blind’s position even when they aren’t home.

Creation of Scenes – If the Wi-Fi hub is synced to multiple ARC blinds, then users can create “scenes” through the Automate Pulse app. Scenes are a list of commands that can be performed at the same time with a tap of a button. Scenes can be performed through multiple automate shades instead of going over each one separately.

Close/open all blinds – another nice feature of the Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub is its ability to open or close all blinds connected to it in a room. This allows for convenient control of all your ARC blinds in your living room or kitchen. And because the ARC blinds are managed per room, you can choose to control only the blinds in a specific room without disrupting the blinds in other rooms.

Use timers - ARC blinds can be drawn up or down at a scheduled time through the Wi-Fi hub. By using timers, you can schedule your blinds to be drawn up or down automatically at any time of the day. This allows you to automate the movement of your blinds to block out the sun or let in the cold breeze even when you’re not home.


The Automate Pulse Wi-Fi hub is just one of many smart devices available in the market today. With many smart devices to choose from, it’s difficult to find the right Best home automation system to bridge these devices together into a centralized hub.

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