Best Wireless Monitored Security System

The importance of the Best Wireless Monitored Security System

It took 20 years before AT &T and NCR corporation developed WaveLan, which is considered the true forerunner of WIFI; afterward, the IEEE 802.11 wireless protocol was released. Keep reading to learn more additional content on the best wireless monitored security systems.

What are wireless security systems?

Wireless security systems safeguard unauthorized access using wireless networks WIFI networks.

4 Types of Best Wireless Monitored Security System

Wi-fi protection was designed to prevent unlicensed access to wireless devices. There are four different wireless security systems for your home, and this article will help you discover them.

Best Wireless Monitored Security System

1. The WIFI protected Access protocol(WPA)

The WIFI-protected access is a security level for computing devices with wireless internet connections. The WIFI Alliance came up with the idea of WPA to give out better data encryption and user authentication than the wired equivalent Privacy(WEP), which was the actual WIFI security standard since the 1990S.

2. WEP(The wired security system)

The second wireless security system is the WEP, and it is a safe way to set down the WIFI level. The WIFI standard is outlined to give the wireless local area network high privacy and security compared to wired local area networks (LANs).

3. The WIfi protected Access 2 protocol (WPA2)

The third wireless security system for homes is Wi-Fi-protected access for protocol. WPA2 is a type of encryption used to protect most wi-fi networks. The critical reinstallation attacks(KRACK) vulnerability is a group of vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to steal data transmitted across Wi-Fi networks.

4. The wi-fi protected Access protocol 3 (WPA)

The last type of wireless security system is the wi-fi protected access protocol 3; WPA is the newest generation in security for wireless networks. Its work is to enhance security compared to WPA 2, and still, it maintains backward compatibility.

What are the benefits of having the Best Wireless Monitored Security Systems?

A perfectly secured wireless system has a lot of benefits. Keep reading to grasp more about the benefits of having a wired security system.

1. It is easily installed

The first fantastic benefit of owning a monitored wireless security system is easy to install. Installing a wireless system only involves finding a secure place to set up wireless sensors on windows and doors.

2. The wireless security system is cost-effective

The cost-effective wireless security system is another great benefit; the system is easy to set up and cheaper to install. You can effortlessly install them by yourself or have an employee from the security system provider install them for you. The wireless system alarms contain their battery powers; they can't increase your power bill.

3. Easily connects with your smartphone

The third benefit of having the best monitored wired security system is that it easily attaches to your phone to see what is happening when you are not at home. Most people have smart homes, whereby the intelligence system in your home can allow you to turn off and on your camera via your phone

4. A wireless security system is more secure

A wireless security system has no wires cut, making it hard for the Bulgars to work around, making your home or business more secure. The wireless security system also contains battery backups; your protection is guaranteed in a power blackout or fire.

5. The wireless security system is flexible

The fifth benefit is that the wireless system is flexible; you can move it anywhere you want without needing professional help.

Disadvantages of the wireless security systems

1. Wireless security systems are prone to hacking

The first disadvantage of having a wireless security system is that it is at a high risk of being hacked by hackers; the hacker jams the signals to prevent them from going off. Ensure you have taken preventive measures to protect your security system from being hacked.

2. Wireless security systems can get a signal interference

Powerlines, electromagnetic activity, and thick structural walls can cause signal interference to your wireless monitored security systems. Ensure you set up your wireless system where the signal will not waver to secure your residence.

3. The size of the house matters

The third disadvantage of the wireless security system is that if you have a large home, the ordinary wireless security system will not be the best option because the sensors are limited in distance. The wireless security system is best suited for small-medium houses.


As you have seen, the advantages outweigh the disadvantage; having wireless monitored security system on your premises is a good option.

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