Best Connected Home Security

How to Build The Best Connected Home Security System

Residential break-ins and burglary are one of the most common crimes in the US. According to data, residential break-in amounts to around 88% of burglaries. That's why many people want to automate their homes for the high level of security it provides. Having the best connected home security can protect your home from burglars.

Connected Home Security

How Smart Home Security Systems Work?

Data shows that many break-ins happen during the day when everyone is either at home or in school. Unfortunately, homes without a smart security system are easy targets for burglars.

The best connected home security system provides high-level security for residential homes. The system does this by keeping homeowners aware of what is happening around their homes.

Smart home security systems use sensors and the internet to keep homeowners alerted. Smart security cameras also help owners watch over their home's surroundings.

All these smart devices connect and pass helpful data to each other. This data can help homeowners track down burglars in case of a break-in. Because of this, burglars tend to avoid targeting homes with a smart security system.

How to Build the Best Connected Home Security for Your Home?

The best connected home security system has many components. But these components sync into one centralized system to create levels of security. When a component in the system raises an alert, the system and the homeowner get notified.

Below we discuss how you can build a system like this:

  1. Find compatible devices

    The best connected home security system has compatible security devices. Compatibility is an important factor in creating a connected home security system.

    To ensure the compatibility of devices, it's important to see if they run on the same technology. Another way is to know if they can connect to a similar home automation hub.

  2. Install sensors

    Sensors are the most important security device in wireless home security systems. Sensors help the smart home system interact with its surroundings. The best connected home security system will have lots of sensors

    In building your smart home security system, plan ahead of time where sensors are best placed. Window, door, and motion sensors are the type of sensors you should have for your security system.

  3. Use indoor and outdoor cameras

    The best connected home security system should watch inside and outside your home. That way, you can be sure that your home is well-protected.

    This is best done by installing indoor and outdoor smart security cameras. Indoor cameras help protect your valuables inside your home from burglars. While outdoor cameras alert you ahead of time if someone is trespassing into your home.

    Both cameras have built-in motion sensors that activate the camera when triggered. Make sure to use outdoor weatherproof cameras.

  4. Have a home automation hub

    If you want to build the best connected home security system, you need to have an automation hub in place. A home automation hub lets your smart security devices connect. And it will allow you to control your security devices with a single command.

    Having the best home automation hub also lets you schedule preset commands and collect data from all your security devices. The hub becomes our security system’s central command point.

    Without a hub, your sensors and cameras cannot sync with each other, and this can be a security flaw.

Many smart security devices are compatible with leading home automation hubs. This makes it easy to connect your security devices to a centralized system.

Best Connected Home Security —

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