Top Home Security Apps

Home security systems are becoming more popular as crime rates continue to rise. Many homeowners also take the security issue a notch higher by downloading home security apps. Home security apps now allow you to monitor your property at any location and any time.

The potential advantages that a security app provides will give you more sense of peace than a standard home security system alone could ever give you. Before signing on with any home security firm, ask them what you can and cannot do with their app.

Home Security Apps

Types of Home Security System Apps

Two distinct categories of home security apps are available. They are proprietary and universal. Numerous home security applications are proprietary. The apps can only connect with a home surveillance company or a particular piece of home security system, and you will not be able to use them until you have registered with the company. All updates, features, and other enhancements are the responsibility of the company that owns the app.

Universal apps, as opposed to company-specific apps, are not affiliated with any particular home security company. People who do their home security and need an app to manage all of their devices can use universal apps. is probably the most familiar of these.

5 Top Home Security Apps

There are dozens of good home security apps. Some are free, while you need to pay to use others. Below is our list of some of the most popular security apps in the market.


The app is one of the top home security apps used by millions of people. The app lets you link your existing security setup with your other connected devices. You can access and utilize the application through any of your smart gadgets.

In addition, you can instruct Alexa to close the doors, modify the heat or temperature in the house, turn, or dim the lights, and activate the security system.

2. Vivint Smart Home App

The app from Vivint stands out from the competition because, in contrast to many other providers, Vivint makes all of the controls for the smart home accessible through a single app. Because this benefit is included in every one of Vivint's package options, you will not even need to invest in an expensive plan to take advantage of it.

The built-in Sky assistant uses artificial intelligence to study your routines, making it simple to modify the settings of your smart home by using the corresponding app. In addition, it helps you save money on your utility bills by adjusting your home's temperature automatically according to the length of time you will be absent.

3. AlarmForce VideoRelay

Regarding mobile applications for security alarms, the AlarmForce VideoRelay has a significant advantage over its rivals. With its two-way audio and video technology, you can interact with people outside your front door using a smartphone app.

4. The SimpliSafe App

Customers can share videos captured by their SimpliCam and Video Doorbell on social media using the user-friendly app developed by SimpliSafe. It is especially helpful for people who like to monitor their children or pets. Additionally, the application includes notifications for environmental hazards such as carbon monoxide, fire, and floods.

5. ADT Control App

The ADT Control App provides a comprehensive selection of controls for home automation. It allows you to arm and disarm your system, view the footage from your indoor and outdoor cameras, and even turn off home appliances such as coffee pots.

The app is compatible with Amazon Alexa, a feature not commonly found in home security apps, but it is available if you buy the more comprehensive package.

Benefits of Home Security Apps

Below are some of the benefits of home security apps.

  • Home security apps let you receive instant alerts anywhere and at any time. The app will notify you if someone breaks in while you are away.
  • Activating, setting, or deactivating your alarm will trigger your phone. This function lets you go home without worrying about your possessions.
  • Your security app lets you check cameras from anywhere. You can sync your cameras to your phone to see what is happening.
  • You can turn the lights on or off remotely.
  • Even though the paid apps have more features, you can get free ones with enough features. The apps are easy to download too.

Wrapping Up

Installing home security is one of the best ideas for maintaining safety at home. Adding a home security app to your investment is another way of taking the whole security thing to a new level. You get better peace of mind by monitoring your home from anywhere.

A home security app even allows you some luxuries such as dimming or turning on or off the lights without getting up from your seat.