Home Security Automation Reviews

Top-rated security systems on home security automation reviews

Home security has come a long way, from having weapons for self-protection to the automated security systems we now have. Thanks to the IoT (internet of things) and home security automation reviews, having an intelligent home security system is easier than ever before.

These intelligent systems, in general, have made it possible for its users to mow lawns, vacuum, alter thermostat settings, control lights, and door locks. You can even feed your pet at home, even if you’re not at home.

Intelligent home systems can be customized and are also available in DIY kits. Users can alternatively hire professionals for installation.

Home Security Automation Reviews

Streamlining home and security automation

Automated home security systems connect their users to the home wifi network. That way, users can control and monitor all security devices via an app installed on a mobile device. Systems to secure entry areas include motion detectors, windows, and door sensors.

For these sensors to work, a hub must communicate with them via multiple, or even one, wireless protocols like Zigbee, wifi, or Z-Wave. One significant benefit of using these sensors is that you can never have too many. Users can add as many as they want to ensure their entire home is secured.

Why do wireless protocols differ, and which one is the safer option?

Any home security system rated high on home security automation reviews should have components that seamlessly work together. Components that users can also operate via customized rules.

Wireless protocols are different because of size, price, signal range, and power requirements. These factors make it hard to connect one wireless standard with the central hub.

For instance, Zigbee or Z-Wave technology is used by smaller components like window/door sensors. This is because the components do not need much power and can thus be powered by batteries. Furthermore, these components work in the mesh topology and can, therefore, extend the network device’s range.

Even so, neither protocol gives wifi bandwidth. This is why it’s primarily found in CCTV cameras as they give smooth streaming. Likewise, Zigbee and Z-Wave are controlled and connected via a hub, whereas; wifi devices are connected to the home network. Users can also control wifi devices via an app.

Lastly, Zigbee and Z-Wave have a hub and AES 128 encryption, and they’re safer when compared to wifi devices.

A list of top-rated security systems on home security automation reviews


Vivint is a high-end system with round-the-clock monitoring, pro installation, and automated home features. It is by far a state-of-the-art wireless security system. Here are some of the reasons why it’s rated high:

  • Professional installation
  • Financing model (Equipment monitoring and payment are separate)
  • Smart home security app
  • Complete trademarked equipment line
  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring

Frontpoint is also a professional-installed device then users get to have all the control in their hands. It is a favorite for users who enjoy DIY independence without compromising equipment features or options. Here are some of the reasons why it’s rated high:

  • Integrates with your smart home
  • Variety of equipment you can choose from
  • Smartphone compatible app control
  • 24/7 camera recordings
  • Video verification which reduced false alarms

This is a straightforward and affordable cellular home security system. It has simple security systems and pricing. Here are some of the reasons why it’s rated high:

  • Affordable monitoring (users choose the monitoring level and equipment they want)
  • On-demand professional monitoring services
  • Outdoor home security camera
  • Has RapidSOS for fast help during emergencies.

Cove has affordable monthly monitoring charges. Here are other reasons why it’s rated high:

  • 7’’ touchscreen panel
  • Quick text messages alerting users of an emergency
  • LiveAssist calls via its control panel (you don’t need a phone)
  • RapidSOS for fast help

The company manufacturing this monitoring home security system has been around for over a century. Having many such years under their belt means vast experience in home security. Here are some of the reasons why it’s rated high:

  • Centers offering professional monitoring
  • Integration and partnership with Ford and Google Nest
  • Six months money-back guarantee.


The above list will help you make up your mind when choosing a home security system. All brands named above were rated high in the reviews because they didn’t just record videos. Their advanced features also helped thwart theft.

It is always advisable to purchase devices from trusted vendors, especially those providing home security. That way, you are guaranteed professional services, reliable security measures, and value for your money.

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