Home Security Camera Systems

Buying Guide for Home Security Camera Systems

The market for home security camera systems is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, you need to decide when choosing a camera system to pick one that suits your family's needs. This article will guide you through various security system options to help you make the best choice.

Choose Appropriate Home Security Camera Systems

There are two main home security camera systems in the market; wired and wireless. However, several other options are available for you, and your choice depends on your security needs.

Wired camera systems require many wiring works for both power and internet connections. Hence the installation process is quite complex, and the cost is high too. However, they are ideal for large homes which require 24/7 uninterrupted and unhackable surveillance.

On the other hand, wireless camera systems connect to WiFi and are easier and less costly. Moreover, some wireless camera models have rechargeable batteries or work with solar panels. Hence, they do not need to be plugged into a power source. However, unlike the wired camera system, the wireless camera system can be prone to hacking as video footage is stored in the cloud.

Home Security Camera Systems

However, you can install a video doorbell instead of installing a wired or a wireless camera on your door to keep intruders away from your home. A video doorbell will be best for your door because it will provide you with all the features of a wired or wireless security camera and notify you of the presence of a visitor.

In addition to the wired/wireless camera and video doorbell cameras, you also need to consider whether you need to include floodlight cameras in your home security camera system. This camera type is ideal for outdoor home security because it combines illuminating and video recording functions. It has a constant power source that illuminates intruders at night while taking footage simultaneously.

Check out the Latest Home Security Camera System Trends

Home security has never been more efficient. Today you can get smaller camera sensors installed on any part of your house or compound and transmit video footage using fast and cheaper internet services. Moreover, video doorbell and floodlight cameras are now more available, and camera models allow you to save video footage locally on SD cards.

Camera manufacturers have also added object recognition and artificial intelligence to home security camera systems. AI allows the cameras to distinguish between moving objects, animals, humans, and vehicles in their view. They send appropriate responses to your mobile device in real-time to help you respond to threats appropriately and cut down on the annoying false alarms.

Some cameras also have starlight sensors to get colored footage at night so that even without floodlights or camera spotlights, you can pick out an intruder in the dark. So when choosing the best camera system, it is prudent to keep up with trends to get the best value for your investment.

Compare Cloud Storage Plans

It is worth noting that whichever camera system you choose for your home, you might need to pay a monthly fee for security features like the ability to ignore or focus on motions within designated areas of the camera's view and cloud storage.

So before you pick the best home security camera system for your home, you need to find out how much its cloud storage will cost you. The advantage of cloud storage over SD cards is that the cloud offers you massive storage space.

Cloud storage also allows you to review recent and past video footage, reducing the chances of missing alerts of potential intruders. However, most security camera system services often require users to pay up before downloading footage to send to authorities in case of break-ins. So you need to know how much such scenarios will cost you before you make any commitment.

Consider the Privacy of Your Family

Although cameras keep an extra eye on your home for you, it's worth noting that the data for wireless camera systems are stored in the cloud. So although this camera system allows you to monitor your home from wherever you are, there is a huge possibility for third parties and manufacturers to keep track of your activities once the video footage is uploaded to the cloud storage.

However, you can avoid this risk by getting home security camera systems that offer two-step verification for cloud storage access. You can also prevent hacking by creating strong passwords for different seasons and keeping the passwords on rotation to make your system hackproof.

Bottom Line

You should consider many factors when choosing the best home security camera system for your family. However, the scope of this article is too limited to discuss all the factors in-depth. So feel free to reach out to us for a comprehensive guide on choosing the best security system for your home.