How I Can Automate My Home?

How to Set Up Your Smart Home

Modern advances in technology have made home automation more of a necessity than a luxury. Smart-Technology allows homeowners to control several aspects, using the Internet of Things to automate functions and improve convenience.

While automation began with security system installations, its potential has grown exponentially, and homeowners can automate multiple functions. So how can I automate my home? This article focuses on the various components in your home you can automate and which technologies will best suit your needs.

How Can I Automate My Home?

Key Stats

The IoT market projections will hit the $500 million mark by 2027. More people will have adopted some form of home technology in their homes by this point.

In the United States alone, up to 47% of homeowners have adopted at least one smart-home product. It is also worth noting that approximately 100 million units shipped worldwide by the close of 2023.

Security systems are known to reduce insurance rates substantially, while smart-cooling and heating systems save you 50% in energy costs.

80% of modern home buyers are more likely to purchase real estate if fitted with this technology.

How Can I Automate My Home

How Home Automation Works

In principle, home automation refers to integrating home appliances to work without physical intervention. You can automate everything from security to lighting through power line wiring, wireless protocols, or radio frequencies.

The central control system is fully automated. This type of automation protocol allows you to control everything in your home. A central control unit controls your lights, alarm system, and heating/cooling.

This type of automation is quite pricey and a feature in upscale residences.

Another system is the App-based smart-home system. This system is one of the more accessible brands, and it features the use of your home network and cloud technology. Essentially, you can connect your equipment to your Wi-Fi network and relay information into the apps on your smart device.

One notable perk is that you can control these smart devices from anywhere. All you need is internet connectivity.

App-based home automation is convenient, pocket-friendly, and easily accessible. It is also easy to operate, and most of its protocols are DIY.

What Can I Automate?

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, home automation works with almost everything in your home. Here is a list of some appliances that are easy to integrate into this technology.

1. Smart Security

Automated security systems have been around for decades. From top-tier alarm systems to Smart-Locks, securing your home is undemanding. Many people lose their keys often, but with locks, you can grant or refuse access to your home from anywhere with your smart device.

They can also integrate smart locks into your lighting system, enabling you to switch your porch and house lights on or off at will. You can remotely switch on your lights when you arrive and off when you leave.

2. Smart Lighting

Lighting is the easiest to integrate, mainly because most houses have built-in central lighting. The main perk here is that you don’t need to hire an electrician to rewire your lighting system to accommodate lighting technology. With a smart-LED bulb, you can dim, brighten and switch off your lights remotely and at will.

You can also go for switches to schedule your lighting as you see fit. Lighting is a common feature in upscale homes, with millions sold every year.

3. Smart Entertainment

Another common feature is smart TVs, entertainment systems, and even music technology. You can now schedule your entertainment system to play any music you want or watch any program. Artificial Intelligence such as Siri can also be used as utility appliances to tell you the weather and even find specific recipes.

Entertainment is found in 90% of homes in the U.S and is one of the convenient items that are easily accessible and cheap.

4. Perks of Smart Home Technology

A smart home isn’t just convenient-it is safer, saves energy, and improves your home’s aesthetics. According to home automation reviews, technology is also a brilliant solution for improving functioning. The fundamental question here shouldn’t be how can I automate my home-it should be why haven’t you done it already!

Final Thoughts

Establishing a smart home ecosystem has become cheap. There are several appliances on the market that are efficient and pocket-friendly. Depending on your starting budget, you can purchase home equipment at appliance stores and even chain supermarkets.

It may be a bit pricey to purchase everything at once, so it is advisable to buy one product at a time. This way, you will have a fully functioning smart home in no time.

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