Top Home Automation Hub

Top Home Automation Hub For Your Home

Today, almost everyone has at least one smart device in their home. And soon, more and more homes will have the best home automation system in place. The more automated system there is in a home, the need for the best-connected home hub becomes important.

What Is the Best Home Hub?

A home hub is a device that connects different best home automation systems into one system. The home hub acts as a central point for home automation systems and allows them to "talk" to one another. Having a home hub is an indispensable component if you want your smart home to function at its best. And the best connected home hub can make home management easier and more convenient.

Top Home Automation Hub

Top 5 Home Automation Hub

Digital home devices are designed to associate all your home devices to create your assignments even easier. In any case, you're required to remember the tasks all your devices perform. That can be tricky and you will have to consult a catalog.

Best Home Automation Hubs

Enter the home hub. The Top Home Automation Hub unifies all your connected gadgets and allows you to control them from a single app. As with many competitive products, hubs come with different features. Hence, some are better than others. This article strives to feature the best among the following hubs.

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub
  2. Google Nest Hub Max
  3. Amazon Echo Plus
  4. Logitech Harmony Home Hub
  5. Securifi Almond 3

When shopping for your hub, ensure that you opt for one that supports the devices you use. A few of the most popular devices include the following:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth LE
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • LutronClearConnect

Go for the hub that supports as many of these as possible. Also, ensure that it supports IFTTT (If This Then That) for more configurations. Make sure that the app you opt for is one you want to use. Therefore, check the featured hubs carefully for the feature that appeal the most to you.

1. Samsung SmartThings Hub

The third-generation Samsung SmartThings Hub comes packed with features exceeding the previous model. In addition to this milestone this hub is:

  • Compatible with devices from more than 40 brands
  • Designed to transmit alerts to your mobile device from security devices
  • Sets up routines that are automated to control different smart devices in specific situations
  • Compatible with prior versions the hub’s technology
  • Appropriate for older devices such as ZigBee, Z-Wave as well as cloud-to-cloud.
  • Works well with voice commands such as Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Onboarding is easier with the more polished SmartThings app

With all these nifty updates, the third generation SmartThings Hubs is a firm contender for the best smart home hub.

2. Google Nest Hub Max

Just like the Samsung hub, Google Nest Hub Max is also decked out with a plethora of incredible features. Google has had a few offerings and so, includes a wealth of encounters with home hubs.

If you are a news enthusiast, you will love the touchscreen display. It allows you to catch up on all the happenings around the world. It also makes it possible to:

  • Watch videos
  • Display a rotating gallery of your pictures
  • Watch interactive games

Additionally, it comes with Google Assistant making it easy to connect all your compatible devices. This too permits you to form scenes such as checking your plan, playing music as well as detailing news. With voice commands via Google Assistant, you can manage all the different scenes.

Google Nest Hub Max

The hub’s display also comes with a camera that recognizes faces and shifts profiles depending on who is using it. Your camera is pretty smart too. It can manage video calls and frame you as you pace while having your conversation.

It is also a security camera and allows you to log in via your phone. You can then look through the camera any time you need to and receive alerts.

3. Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus is hailed as one of the best voice-assisted smart home hubs. It comes with excellent features such as the following:

  • Ability to control a variety of devices hands-free via Alexa voice commands
  • 360-degree audio equipped with 7 in-built microphones for the best sound quality
  • Comes with an in-built temperature sensor that detects the temperature in the room and shares it via the device therein

Amazon Echo Plus

4. Logitech Harmony Home Hub

The Harmony Home Hub is compatible with up to 270,000 possible devices. If you have a lot of amusement appliances, this is the perfect home hub for you. You can run your smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, cable boxes, and a wide range of consoles using Logitech Harmony Home Hub.

There are IR mini blasters located at the back of the hub. This helps to enlarge the area that the device can cover. Also, it is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity but delivers a USB port if your phone does not support Bluetooth.

It also comes with the Harmony App which connects with iOS or Android gadgets. It also supports Alexa and allows you to access movies, channels, and lots of favorites you can customize.

This hub helps you to create your dream home movie atmosphere. It allows you to dim the lights and connect to stereo systems for the perfect TV-watching experience.

5. Securifi Almond 3

The Securifi hub wins the beauty pageant featuring all the smart home hubs. However, it offers more than just looks judging by its stellar performance. Securifi offers a 3-inch color touchscreen through which you can access practically all the settings.

Hence, the setup process becomes even easier. It enhances the Wi-Fi signal to allow devices to switch to stronger signals as you move them around. Also, it uses any device connected to Wi-Fi via the IFTTT applet.

Therefore, it is perfect even for a home that does not have a sea of smart home products. It supports Alexa. Once connected, you can control everything from the ambiance for the perfect movie night to your baby’s bedtime.

Advantages of a Top Home Automation Hub

While not all smart homeowners are willing to spend for a home hub, having one has its advantages. This is especially true if you have the best connected home hub for your home. Here are the advantages of having a home hub:

  1. Efficient home management-If you want to efficiently manage your smart home, the best connected home hub is a must. Because home hubs sync to all your smart devices, it has full control of their operations. Data also gets transferred to the home hub, and that data can be used by other smart devices.

    The best example of this is when your smart aircon, smart thermostat, and smart blinds connect to a home hub. When the thermostat reading is too high, your smart home hub will instruct the aircon to increase its power and instruct the blinds to draw down. Doing this will lower the indoor temperature of your home.

  2. Single-point control - This is another advantage of having the best connected home hub for your home. When buying smart appliances, they come with an app that acts as your controller. If you have only one smart appliance, it's manageable to control the device through the app.

    But when you have five or more smart appliances in your home, managing them one by one can be too time-consuming. And that's when having a home hub becomes an advantage.

  3. Battery-saving - Lastly, having a home hub can save your smartphone from draining its battery.

    When you use a smartphone to control your smart appliances, its battery drains faster. Having a home hub can prevent your smartphone's battery from draining out.

Top 2 Best Connected Home Hub for Smart Home

Now that we know what a home hub is and what are its advantages, let's see the two top home hubs in the market:

  1. eZLO Hub

    Best Home Automation Hub

    If you're looking for the best connected home hub with a decent price, the eZLO hub might be what you're looking for.

    Owned by eZLO innovations, the eZLO hub is compatible with over 1,7000 smart devices. you won't have connectivity issues even if your smart appliances carry different brands.

    The eZLO Hub uses Z-Wave technology, a protocol used mainly for home automation devices. This protocol allows for seamless wireless connectivity and compatibility. The eZLO hub can be accessed through a mobile and web app. The hub has built-in batteries in case of power outages.

  2. Vera

    Best Vera Home Automation Hub

    If you're looking for a home hub that allows flexibility and has efficient tech support, Vera is the best connected home hub for you.

    Currently, Vera has three home controllers to choose from. Each has its own capacity and works with different smart appliances and devices. These controllers operate with Z-wave technology and are compatible with Insteon and ZigBee.

    Currently, Vera has three home controllers to choose from. Each has its own capacity and works with different smart appliances and devices. These controllers operate with Z-wave technology and are compatible with Insteon and ZigBee.

Best Connected Home Hub by WhichHomeAutomation

When buying the best connected home hub for your home, hearing what experts have to say about the product is important. That is what has to offer you. can provide you with a detailed analysis of different home automation systems available today. Its unbiased reviews are done by experts in the field of home automation. It also ranks home automation systems to help you decide what to home automation system to buy.

You can check out its website to see a preview of their reviews on different home automation systems. You can also check out their F.A.Q page to see answers to common questions about home automation.

Find the best connected home hub for your home by visiting today!

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