9 Best Voice Home Automation

How do the Best Voice Home Automation Devices make life easy?

The internet of things (IoT) is an emerging technology that has so far had a tremendous influence on our daily lives. More so, when it comes to dealing with the different objects surrounding us. Thanks to the internet, the world has been connected to one global village. Now that the internet has been able to connect the world, people have come up with more ways to use the internet to connect things and people, something that is closer to home. This is by creating the Best Voice Home Automation systems that naturally rely on the internet to communicate.

9 Best Voice Home Automation Devices

1. The Apple HomeKit

Siri is now a common household name. She is the forerunner of all modern voice-activated fascinations. The Apple Homekit makes it possible for its users to access and control all their smart devices at a go. That way, you have a unified home ecosystem. The best part is that you can use it to control your home from a remote location.

2. Amazon Echo

Then there's Alexa, everyone's new best friend. She will play you some music, answer your questions and even tell you what's in the news and what the weather will be like. What's more, Alexa can control your thermostat, lights, etc.

Best Voice Home Automation

3. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

This is much more than your average learning thermostat. This device also can grow its "command vocabulary" depending on the interaction it has with its user.

4. Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung Smart TV now comes with a voice control feature. Now, users no longer have to worry about losing their TV remote or having to get up to go and press TV buttons. With a single voice command, you can control the TV, including applications such as Netflix.

5. Mycroft

This device does much more than turn your lights on and lock your doors. Users can also sync it to their streaming services. That way, you can get your favorite content on your Chromecast or Roku.

6. The LG Vacuum Cleaner

As insane as it sounds, you can now talk to your vacuum cleaner and not get judged for it, thanks to the LG vacuum cleaner. You can instruct it to clean different spots in different patterns, and it'll get the job done.

7. Athom Homey

This is one of the best voice home automation devices available as far as living in a multi-lingual household goes. This device has a unique ability to understand its commands in different languages.

8. Jibo

This is an intelligent device that comes with a high-resolution, in-built camera. The camera can track and recognize faces. Moreover, it can make video calls and can capture pictures.

9. Ivee Sleek

If you're looking for a smart home device that can pick up commands from far, then the Ivee Sleek is the device for you. It can pick up commands given even from 15 feet away. This device can also control your thermostat, create a playlist and even order an Uber ride for you!

How do the Best Voice Home Automation Devices work?

The following are steps showing how the best voice home automation devices work:

  1. The user makes a request, and the device's voice recognition abilities verify the user's authenticity.
  2. Further processing converts the user's natural language speech to text (NLP capabilities).
  3. Depending on the particular request, the device might have to access the cloud. For example, if the user was inquiring about the weather, the device will access APIs related to the weather.
  4. The information gotten from the cloud is then converted to a voice-based response. This is then provided back to the user.

The more the digital device learns from the queries it receives, the 'smarter' it becomes. In turn, the device can perform more tasks and 'learns' the user's preference. The result is improved device performance.


Devices that have been powered by AI (artificial intelligence) have been in use in large numbers in recent years and with good reason. Devices like Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri have delivered their expectations.

To connect it all, you first have to decide the trigger. This means finding out what will start the automation. Most apps come with solutions for these. Next, state when it will happen, i.e., is it daily, on weekends alone, or just when you are home? Lastly, choose the outcome, i.e., what'll happen.

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