Quick Smart Home Tech Upgrades to Help You Sell Your House

Smart home technology has been on an upward trend recently, so much so that it has become crucial to equip your home with these gadgets when you decide to sell your home. It can be an expensive venture to pursue, so you have to be very vigorous when selecting this technology. It should be a technology that can add value to the house.

However, homes that come equipped with smart technology might not necessarily attain an increase in the resale value, as other additions like hardwood floors, tiles, and additional rooms would. You might invest in an entire automated system for the home, such as the Control 4.

That said, smart devices might not increase the value of a home, but to the potential buyers, it will make the house stand out more, thus leaving a good impression.  Also, make sure that the buyers know the technology is part of the sale. Some might assume it’s only for showcase and will be removed as you move out. This review will look at the obvious gadgets to help you sell a house.

Gadgets That You Can Install to Help You Sell Your House

Smart Lighting

Ensure that you replace incandescent lighting and fluorescent bulbs with smart LEDs such as the Philips Hue Lights. This will enable you to do more than switch the lights on and off. You can adjust the brightness, sync your lights, or change the color in individual rooms. You even can remotely ask Google if you left the lights on. Ensure that the lights are equipped with Z-Wave Technology.

Smart Refrigerators

You can also decide to invest in a smart refrigerator is a fridge that has web ability, such as the

LG InstaView Door-in-Door, to help push the sale of the house

. You can use a smart hub to turn off the refrigerator, query the fridge on what is stored inside and keep track of the stock inside. A fridge is a good investment because unlike many other gadgets, most homes cannot function without a fridge and a smart one will only make things better and easier.

Smart Cameras

It is also crucial to invest in motion cameras for security. You can source for reliable cameras such as the Nest Cam.  It is an authentic indoor camera that is good for simple surveillance tasks. This camera also includes outdoor versions if you wish to expand your surveillance options to the outer surroundings of your property. This will make buyers comfortable that they can surveil the home remotely from the comfort of their smartphones.

Smart Hubs

You can buy a smart hub for the home, such as the Samsung SmartThings Hub 3


Generation. It makes your devices work in harmony, and you can set routines that fit your lifestyle.

These hubs can also control lighting by use of Artificial intelligence services such as the Google Assistant. A smart hub enables you to manage all your devices from one central point. Basically, a hub acts as the system unit of a smart home.

Switches & Sockets

Also, ensure you invest in smart switches and sockets for the house. These are a very attractive prospects to buyers. There are many switches and outlets that are smart; some of them do not require a hub for control but just an application.

Some smart hubs like the Google Home allow you to control your switches and plugs, whether you are around or away. With some smart switches like the WeMo smart plug, you can switch your appliances on with your voice.


Prospective buyers of homes expect that the homes they visit ought to have a good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) system such as the Google Nest Thermostat E.

With a smart thermostat system, you can set a homes temperature for specific rooms within or without the house using a smart phone. Thermostats have made leaps forward to being able to change temperatures by the hour and if you experience issues fixing them is quite easy if they are smart.

Smart Door Lock & Bell

Security in homes is a very crucial pillar. That said prospective home buyers will be on the lookout for homes with the most advanced security systems. Smart security locks such as the Google Nest X Yale are activated using your voice.

This lock works seamlessly and locks or unlocks the door when you approach. It even has a sensor that lets you know if your entry has been securely locked. It also enables you to give access to your household to people for specific periods like an hour, and then it locks itself.

Advantages of Installing Smart Devices in A Home

Improved Appliance Functionality

Having smart devices enables you to have better functionality in contrast to devices that are not smart. For instance, a Smart TV does more than a Conventional TV in terms of having access to more channels, being able to access the internet and compatibility with more devices.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Smart technology depends on the usage if used well you can achieve optimum energy efficiency. For instance, the heating and cooling aspect of a home can be programmable by using a smart thermostat. Smart appliances are able to learn your routines and thus able to execute prompts with seamless ease. Thus, you never have to be worried about wasting energy.


Smart home devices are very flexible when it comes to accommodating new devices. This basically means they sync well with other devices. Being able to move to a home whereby you can buy new devices and they interact seamlessly with other devices is very important. Because it makes it easy to operate them from a common control unit such as the Google Home smart speaker.


To sum it all up, when you decide to sell a home investing in smart devices is quite crucial as we have seen above. But you need to be crucial when selecting smart devices and pick those that suite your home.

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