How the Best Home Lighting Automation Will Redefine Your Home

The first thing that crosses a homeowner’s mind with regards to home automation is lighting. It comes with a plethora of benefits which include mitigating energy usage. Therefore, you want the best home lighting automation for your home.
Apart from helping to save energy, lighting automation brings other benefits such as:

  • Revamping your interior decorations
  • Smart lighting controls

These benefits help in enhancing home management without running up colossal amounts of money. In fact, if you are considering home automation for the first time, this is the best place to start.

Home lighting automation gives you three options for implementation:

  • Install hard-wired switches within your walls
  • Replace your light bulbs with smart ones that can connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Consider using a smart plug that is controlled via an app

The best way to have your dream smart lighting is to figure out how you would like your systems to work. Then you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1.     Enhanced Interior Décor

A smart lighting system adapts to your interiors to enhance your home décor. It boosts the ambiance in your home by bringing out the best features of your interior design. It makes good use of an aesthetic application to enhance the interiors.

Lighting automation can greatly impact on the decorative features of your home to improve the aesthetics. This can help to bring out that wow factor you have been aiming for in your home décor.

In addition, it can be great for your mood. Exceptional lighting helps to improve your mood making you feel relaxed in your home. This is great for the mental wellbeing of everyone in your smart home.

2.     Enhanced Security

Imagine having security lighting that comes on the moment it senses motion. These could greatly improve your security as burglars would not be able to sneak in unnoticed.

In addition, when you are away, your lighting will automatically switch on and off. This implies that someone is home and discourages burglary. A further deterrence for intruders would be extra support for your alarm system.

If your alarm system is incorporated into the automation, it can be programmed to react to anything suspicious. When the lights turn on due to some motion, for instance, the alarm could be triggered and the intruder nabbed.

Also, it can alert you in case there is smoke and help you avert a possible disaster. Good home automation is great for everything that goes into making your life simpler.

3.     Cost-Effective

Lighting automation comes with benefits such as dimming capabilities which help to prolong lamp life. Your lamps can stay up to twenty times longer than before automation and your bills can reduce by at least 40%.

Since your smart lighting system runs throughout your home, the energy saved is extensive. If the LED lighting, connectivity, sensors and all related appliances are utilized correctly, energy usage could reduce by up to 90%.

Smart lighting comes with more benefits apart from saving energy. Smart dimmers are designed to regulate the intensity throughout your home per your preference. The dimming is also dependent on the time of the day as well as the activities taking place.

Using your bulbs with dimmer also helps to extend their life as well as reduce power. This saves energy as well as energy bills.

4.     Smart Lighting is Convenient

You can say goodbye to single light switches enjoy controlled lighting in your home. You can customize your automated lighting to exclusive lighting settings for your home activities. One touch of your mobile device is all you need to set up your lighting settings.

You can have theatre lights to enjoy your movie nights or dim the lights for a romantic dinner with your partner. Your bedtime routine can be reduced to a single tap to:

  • Turn all the lights off
  • Activate the alarm for added security

Moreover, you are able to access your home via remote control. Hence, you can monitor the lighting as well as the security of your home even from the office or from your car. If you left your lights on, for instance, you can easily switch them off from wherever you are.


Automated lighting systems help to make lighting convenient and easy to manage. It saves you time, money and is convenient. Additionally, it helps to enhance home security as you can be alerted whenever something is off.

With Ezlo and Vera systems, you can lay your lighting and security concerns to rest. You are assured of quality lighting and security systems.

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