In times of crisis, you need to make emergency calls. But not everyone will have the time to open a phone and dial a number during emergency situations. However, with a panic button system, you can contact authorities with only a single push.

People often panic during emergency situations. This prevents them from dialing an emergency number quickly or correctly, thus failing to notify the authorities sooner. Installing a panic button system on your home will help you to do this task faster and with almost no effort.

Panic Button System — Overview

Operating a panic button system is simple and easy. Yet, it could be crucial for your survival in times of crises. It could be a small gadget, but it could do big during emergencies.

All you had to do is to push a button to trigger a panic alarm system. It usually comes with an actual button. But, sometimes, a panic button system is triggered with a slight touch or any other way. The panic button system could be triggered in times when you feel threatened.

Once triggered, a panic button system can send signals to other security devices. These devices are usually security cameras.

A great thing about panic buttons is that they can send signals to authorities, thus enabling them to respond much faster.

One of the models of panic button system available to you is the 2GIG Panic Button 345. It is compact and, thus, easy to carry and reliable.

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Panic Button System Use in Home Security

The 2GIG Panic Button 345 will be an important addition to your home automation security system. It could be integrated to your other home security devices. Once integrated, it can use to turn on security devices in times of emergency.

You can use a 2GIG Panic Button 345 to trigger the security cameras. Once triggered, the panic button system can send signal to your security cameras. The signal will turn the cameras on and start recording.

Panic Button System Use in Other Situations

The panic button system has been employed in other situations. Some models of panic button systems are designed to serve different situations.

It can be  used as a panic alarm system in times when a person needs medical attention. This is usually used by patients with serious medical conditions.

One panic button system is used in taxi cabs. These panic button system is specifically designed for the safety of passengers.

2GIG Panic Button 345 — Features

The 2GIG Panic Button 345 is a panic button system designed for personal use. It can be triggered to change the mode of your home automation system.

What happens when you trigger the 2GIG Panic Button 345 depends on you. But, it is advised to enable sirens and security cameras for a triggered panic button system.

1. 2GIG Panic Button 345 Battery. The 2GIG Panic Button 345 is equipped with lithium battery, which has a lifespan of three years. So, you do not have to worry about changing batteries for that long.

The use of batteries also makes the 2GIG Panic Button 345 reliable. When power goes off in your house, you can still use it in times of emergency.

2. 2GIG Panic Button 345 Wireless Feature. The 2GIG Panic Button 345 is also wireless. It can send Emergency signals from any location. The receiver must be within the radio frequency range of the control panel. It can also send signals to the control panel regardless if the security system is armed or disarmed.

3. 2GIG Panic Button 345 Mobility. The 2GIG Panic Button 345 has dimensions of 1.65 x 1.20 x 0.50 inches. These measurements correspond to the length, width, and height respectively. It also weighs only 0.45 ounces even with the battery in it.


So, the 2GIG Panic Button 345 is compact and lightweight enough to be carried around. You can put it inside your pocket or small bag. You can also attach it on a wristband to carry it on your wrists.

You will never know when and where emergency situations emerge. So, it is for your own good to be ready and safe when crises suddenly arise.

4. 2GIG Panic Button 345 Water Resistance. The 2GIG Panic Button 345 is also water resistant. So, you do not have to worry about carrying it outside when its rainy. And, you could also carry around in the shower.

Emergency situations strike people without warning. So, you should always be ready to face these strikes. Ears may not be always available to hear your calls for help. So, equip yourself with something that would really get the attention of authorities.

And, this sounds like a job for the 2GIG Panic Button 345. If you want to make yourself ready for the unexpected, get yourself now a 2GIG Panic Button 345 on Amazon.

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