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Home burglary is one of the top crimes in the US. According to statistics, about 66% of all reported burglaries in a year happened inside household properties. Homes with little to no security are often targets of break-ins, while burglars avoid homes with automated home security systems. Luckily, you don't need to pay a high price for the best automated home security.

Though there are advantages in hiring professional security to watch over your home, you can easily build a DIY home security system of your own.

best automated home security

Below are tips to build the best DIY home security system:

  1. Use lots of sensors

    When building the best automated home security, using a lot of sensors is a must. Sensors are the most important component of automation. Without sensors, smart devices can't interact with their environment.

    The best automated home security will have motion sensors and door sensors. It would also have window sensors and smoke alarm sensors for added security. Make sure to add sensors around your front garden or backyard for extra levels of security.

  2. Put flood lights w/ motion sensors in strategic areas

    Lights are great at deterring burglars. Lights draw attention to incoming burglars and would force them to retreat to safety. The best automated home security system should have several floodlights installed.

    Floodlights with motion sensors are best installed in areas that don't get a lot of light in the evening. The side of the house or entry to the basement are good places to light with a motion detected floodlight. Motion-activated flood lights can also reduce your electricity bill while increasing security.

  3. Have a central hub

    The best automated home security system is one that has a central hub. The hub acts as the central operator of the entire security system. It enables homeowners to activate and deactivate the system with a tap of a button or the use of fobs.

    Many home security systems in the market have a central hub. For DIY home security, the central hub could be a phone or tablet dedicated to operating the system. Homeowners could also buy an ezlo hub to centralize their security system.

  4. Install a smart lock

    According to statistics, about 30 to 40 percent of burglars enter through the front door. This means that it's easy for burglars to enter homes without having to force their way in. Having the best automated home security system can prevent this.

    Installing a smart lock should be a part of your DIY home security system checklist. Smart locks notify you in case someone tries to enter your home without your permission. Some smart locks also have a camera that activates when someone is the front door.

  5. Set up cameras and alarms

    The best automated home security system should also have cameras and alarms in place. These security devices are usually set up inside the home as a last line of defense.

    Cameras are great last line of defense because the footage can help track down criminals. While the alarm can draw the attention of bystanders and prevent burglars from fleeing.

    Cameras are best set up in areas where there are valuable items. second-floor windows are famous entry points of burglars, so secure them with alarms.

  6. Secure your Wi-Fi network

    Finally, secure your home Wi-Fi network with good cybersecurity solutions. Even the best automated home security system can fail if hackers can access your home Wi-Fi.

    Your home's Wi-Fi network enables your devices to operate with each other. If hackers gain access to this connection, they can send commands to your security system.

    Once they have access, burglars with IT knowledge can easily disable your security system. They can also disable notifications, so you won't receive notification of the break-in.

To build the best automated home security system, you first need to know what automation system fits your needs. With many options available in the market, this can be tricky. But can help you. creates detailed reviews about best home automation systems. It also takes note of what devices are compatible with each system. This information is important when building the best automated home security system. also works with manufacturers to see how responsive customer support is. And they re-evaluate their reviews when manufacturers release system upgrades.

To top it off, this website also have a resourceful F.A.Q page to help people upgrade their home. If you want to build the best automated home security system for your home, visit today!

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