Best Smart Home Gadgets


Voice-activated gadgets have to be the most innovative technology in home automation. You can manage your house from your couch on your Smartphone. Just express it and it is done! Home automation makes handling your home a bunch easier. With the best smart home gadgets, managing your home should be a cinch.

This article gives you a few of the foremost profitable devices that will offer assistance to automate your home. Whether you just tap your mobile phone or issue a voice command, these devices make home management easy.

Best Smart Home Gadgets

The Best Smart Home Gadgets

Here are a few of the best smart home gadgets to help keep your home safe and easier to manage.

1. Vera 2.0

Vera 2.0 is a Virtual Assistant that utilizes AI to examine and determine data from multiple sources. This voice-enabled benefit comes with five senses and is capable of collaboration with any system. It can:

  • Think

    It receives data from multiple sources, analyses it, and makes intelligent responses.

  • Feel

    Vera can be connected via IoT (Internet of Things) technology in which all your gadgets can be connected. In an industrial setting, the appliances, as well as machines in use, are connected thus. Vera is then able to feel the temperature, vibration as well as acceleration of the connected machines.

  • See

    Vera is fitted with OCR which empowers her to see whatever is in front of her. This service comes in handy once you want to check on things inconspicuously. Vera can simply take a look to see if the board members are ready for the meeting and report back to you. At home, Vera can check on the kids to see if they are playing safely. It can too help keep an eye on your expenditure through the Expense Tracking App.

  • Hear

    Vera can hear and understand voice directives. What's more, she can be programmed to understand as many languages as you like.

  • Speak

    Vera employs Google Speech to respond to commands as well as answer questions. In addition, you can program her to speak several languages.

Vera 2.0 comes with the following technology features:

  • Deep learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
2. The Ezlo Atom

The Ezlo Atom is a tiny device designed to turn your home into an energy-efficient haven. Moreover, it is pocket-friendly; hence, it is affordable even to homeowners who are looking for a cheaper alternative. Compared to other small smart home devices, the Ezlo Atom is quite tiny.

It is not even 2-inches long and comes with a USB connection. However, while you'll be looking at it, this small smart home device packs a pummel about power. It is capable of connecting as many devices as you have got in your home.

This tiny smart home hub works with Z-Wave protocol to connect your devices via low-energy radio waves. This type of connection is a favorite in tech circles because it is said to be difficult to hack. Wi-Fi connections are relatively easy to hack into.

In addition, this connection does not interfere with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The hub is powered by Z-Wave protocol making it an energy-saving device. If you would prefer a Wi-Fi connection, Ezlo Atom gives you that option.

For this hub to work, it must be plugged into the USB port of your PC or Smartphone. If you have an excess USB adapter at home, you can also plug it into that to access a steady supply of power.

How the Atom Works

The devices connected through the hub are controlled via the Vera app once you have it plugged in. Ezlo Atom is not voice-enabled and cannot, therefore, be controlled with voice commands. However, this is a temporary situation as voice control is on the horizon. When searching for the best smart home gadgets, Atom is high up on the list. This is because it is affordable and connects with Z-Wave making it a little harder for nefarious characters to hack you. Furthermore, you can use a Wi-Fi connection if that is your preference.

Also, they keep updating the hub to make it even better by adding new features.


It is great to move with the times and have your home automated to create life a little more thrilling. The best smart home devices will assure that you have the smart home of your dreams. You will be at mitigation even when you are away from home knowing that you can control things remotely.

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