Vera Smart the Best Home Automation System

When you want to lessen the burden of the tasks that you carry out at home, a search for the best home automation system ensues. Vera Smart Home automation hub and mobile application are one of the best systems you can get on the market.

Here are some of the outstanding features and benefits you will gain by buying the Vera Smart home automation systems.

For less than $100, you will have your whole house connected to the Vera app and home automation system.

This is a great price to keep your mind at ease when you are away from your home. Further, you will not have to pay any monthly fees to access your mobile app.

A unique feature that makes the best home automation system is that it is capable of supporting up to 46 brands. This means that you only need to ensure that your home appliances are connected to the internet and you will have access to them at your fingertips.

Also, it allows you to buy any home appliance that you fancy. It does not limit you to specific home appliance manufacturers and thus allows you to save money and, also buy the best available home appliances.

Easy access
With Vera, you are not limited to Wi-Fi so, as to automate your home. Vera also functions on other internet protocols such as Z-Wave and ZigBee. This allows you to use your Vera mobile app to get all your home appliances at your fingertips regardless of their manufacturer.

With the Vera Smart home automation mobile app, you will get alerts whenever anything happens in your house in your absence. With this home automation system, you are guaranteed of complete safety in your house.

If for example, there are any leaky or broken pipes in your house, you will be notified in the application before anything dangerous happens to you or your house.

Monitor your home remotely
If you are worried that something may happen when you are at work. The best home automation systems ensure that they provide you with peace of mind. With Vera, you have access to your home surveillance cameras.

This allows you to quickly see what is going on at home from wherever you are. If you live alone, you are sure that everything is just as you left it. IF you travel a lot, you can able to take care of your house even when you are away. If you left your children at home, you can able to know when they are up to any mischief when not around.

Customer support
When you buy new technology, you want to know that when you are challenged in its use, you can able to access quick help. When that technology is as essential as home automation systems, the most reliable customer support is what you seek.

With Vera, you are guaranteed 24/7 customer support. Further, you can get help online via social media or through the traditional toll-free number regardless of your location.

Cons of Using the Vera Home Automation Systems

Limited local control
With the Vera home automation systems, most of the controls will be done on the mobile application. As a result, it will not come with a remote control that will enable you to do so when you are at home.

However, this should not worry you. You can download the app on both your Android and iOS phone. This allows anyone who buys this home automation system to easily control all their home appliances.

Manufacturer of the Vera Home Automation Systems
The Vera Home automation system is manufactured by Ezlo. Ezlo, is a leading player in the Internet of Things Field. With support from venture capital, they set out on the journey to create a high-quality home automation product.

Ezlo’s aim is to ensure that in a market where product manufacturers are limiting the number of products that can integrate, they can build a system that allows all home appliance buyers have a system integrate all their household appliances regardless of the brand they buy.


When seeking the best home automation system, Vera is your best solution. It will help you reach and control all your household appliances on a mobile application dashboard. Vera, lets you integrate as many as 46 different household brands.

With this home automation system, you can connect your cameras, thermostats, light bulbs, smoke detectors, and even all your voice assistants, door locks, and even motion detectors.

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