Best Smart Home Motion Sensor

Features of the Best Smart Home Motion Sensor

Security at home is one of the biggest expenses that we incur. We go out of our way to ensure that we have the latest gadgets that ensure that, only authorized persons are allowed into our houses. The best smart home motion sensor is one of the gadgets that you will find in many homes.

In this article, we are attending to show you the features of a home motion sensor that you simply should consider when buying one. Having one in your home goes a long way in guaranteeing your security and peace of mind.

Best Smart Home Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are accessible totally different types. They are classified concurring to the technology that they depend on to identify baseless movements and notify the homeowners by raising a discreet or exceptionally boisterous alarm.

5 Best Smart Home Motion Sensors

To start, let us look at the different types of home motion sensors that are available.

1. Microwave Motion Sensors

These are home motion sensors that use microwave frequencies to detect movement in or outside your home. When there is no movement, the microwaves travel out and come back in quick succession.

When there is movement, the unwanted object interferes with the speed at which the waves travel thus triggering an alarm.

Modern motion sensors can be connected to home security systems which send out alerts when there is movement. With a home security system such as the Vera brand, you can get onto the smartphone and access real-time images of your home and check out the cause of the alarm.

2. Infrared Heat Detectors

Most security motion sensors available in the market are infrared heat motion sensors. Unlike microwave motion sensors, they rely on temperature changes within the room. They can detect heat from the human body.

For example, when everyone is out of the house, the room or house is empty. If there is an intruder, the infrared motion sensor, detects their body temperature as they move around the house and triggers an alarm.

If they are connected to the internet or via Bluetooth, they can also be connected to the Vera home control hub. From this hub, the homeowner can control the motion sensor, alarms, cameras, and other smart devices from a mobile app. You will therefore get a notification on your phone that there is an intruder in your house, wherever you are in the world.

3. Vibration Motion Sensor

Another type of motion sensor is one that detects vibration nearby. This is suitable for outdoor security. Any unwanted or out-of-the-ordinary vibrations such as the stealth movement of a raccoon or cat or a human being is quickly detected, and an alarm is raised.

4. Ultrasonic Motion Sensor

This is a motion sensor that releases high-frequency sounds. When these sounds bounce back to the device from an object in motion, they trigger the alarm.

5. LED Motion Sensor

This is the most common motion sensor. It is a bulb that releases infrared rays. When it detects movements, it causes the bulb to light up.

Features to consider when buying a motion sensor

1. Automatic or Manual

Most motion sensors used today are automatic. When you are using an LED motion sensor, it will stay off until it detects movement. When this happens, it will light up and provide you the ability to see the intruder.

2. Lights used by the Motion Sensor

Despite all the technologies of motion sensors available, LED sensors are the most common. LED lights ensure that you will save on the use of electricity.

3. Source of Power

This is in terms of whether, you need an electric, battery-powered, or solar-powered motion sensor.

4. Smart Device

To gain the benefits of modern technology, it is best if you bought a motion detector that can easily connect to the internet. This will allow you to integrate your motion detector with a home control hub such as the Vera hub.

With a smart hub, you can access your house remotely from wherever you are in the world. This is enabled especially for Vera, through a mobile app on your smartphone. It will also allow it to be reset and easily monitored for any malfunction.


When trying to find the best smart home motion detector, guarantee that you simply select the finest and most convenient type for your needs. Moreover, guarantee that it has all the features that you just require to have peace of mind whether you are sleeping in the house or away from home for a holiday or business.

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