Best Smart Home SetUp

The Best Smart Home Setup Guide

We are living in an era that technologists called the internet of things (IoT). Internet of things refers to a setup where everything, including home appliances, connects to the internet and, also to one another. When they are interconnected, these devices enhance home automation. In this short guide, we will learn about the best smart home setup to get you started on your home automation journey. But first, we need to learn about the basics of home automation.

Best Smart Home Setup

What's a Smart Home?

A smart home refers to a home with appliances such as heating, lighting, security, and other electronic devices that can be controlled and monitored via a virtual assistant, smartphones, Wi-Fi, or a computer. A smart home can also refer to home appliances that are connected to the internet of things (IoT). Many people are automating their homes for various reasons, including saving money, for convenience, and for adding an extra layer of security to their homes, among others. If you have just started automating your home, you don't have to buy all the smart appliances at once. You can start with the most basic smart devices.

3 Best Smart Home Setup Devices

1. Smart Hub, Speaker, or Both

Controlling your smart home devices with your smartphone can be cumbersome. To make the best out of your smart home appliances, you will want to have a central control device known as a smart home hub. A smart home hub acts as a primary command center for all the smart devices in your home. To get you started, you can choose either a smart speaker or a hub.

2. Smart Speaker

There's a wide range of smart speakers in the market that you can link to your smart home devices and control with your voice. The good thing is you can get a smart speaker that integrates with all the smart gadgets in your house. Smart speakers enable you to search for information on the internet, play your favorite music, schedule calendar invites, do online shopping, control other devices in your home, and so much more.

Most smart speakers can perform these functions, but they have different features. Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google home are the leaders in the smart home speaker market. These smart speakers have virtual assistants (Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant) that make it easy to navigate the internet and access other devices.

3. Smart Hub

Smart hubs make it easy to integrate several smart devices and control them from one app. A smart hub relieves the hassle of having multiple apps on your phone for every smart device in your house. The best thing with smart hubs is they can connect with devices using different protocols.

Samsung SmartThings is a popular choice among homeowners looking for the best smart home setup. Samsung SmartThings has been in the market for quite a while now, and it works with all the major protocols, including ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.

VeraPlus and Ezlo Atom smart home hubs have also gained a lot of popularity in the last few years due to their robust platform and ability to integrate with nearly every smart device. The company claims that VeraPlus is compatible with more than 2,000 smart devices, and it can connect to 22o devices at a go. Ezlo Atom smart home hub, on the other hand, is the smallest and the most robust central control device on the market today. Just like VeraPlus, it supports all major protocols, including Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

What to Connect to Your Best Smart Home Setup?

Purchasing a smart speaker or a smart home hub doesn't turn your home into a smart one. You will need to have smart home devices to make use of your best smart home setup. So, what smart devices can you add to your new setup?

1. Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras enable you to keep an eye on your house even when you are away. They allow you to monitor your children, pets, and every movement around your home.

2. Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs provide one of the easiest ways to turn your "dumb" house into a smart one. Smart bulbs help to save energy and also add a little convenience to your home.

3. Smart Locks

Smart locks relieve you of the hassle of carrying your house keys and also add an extra layer of security to your home. Other smart devices you can incorporate into your best smart home setup including smart thermostats, smart coffee makers, and video doorbells, among others.


It is great to move with the times and have your home automated to make life a little more exciting. The best smart home gadgets will ensure that you have the smart home of your dreams. You will be at ease even when you are away from home knowing that you can control things remotely.

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