One of the many ways to make your home safer is by having a smoke detector set up in your house. By so doing, you are sure that you will escape with your life in case an accidental fire breaks out in your house.

As technology has advanced, smoke detectors have become smart devices. This means that they can connect to the internet and even send notifications to your email or mobile device if something is amiss at home while there is no one there.

6 Ways How to Make your Home Detector Smarter

1. Using a smart Battery

To turn your smoke detector smart with a smart battery, you will have to replace its battery with a smart battery.

The smart battery makes your smoke detector smart by its ability to detect sounds around the house. This means that, if your smoke detector does detect the presence of a fire and goes off, through the smart battery, you will receive an alert.

If you have a smart fire suppression system, this alert will trigger it to go to work and thus bring an end to the fire before it causes significant damage.

The smart battery has a 3-5 year-long span.

2. Acquire a smart outlet

With a smart outlet, you will not have to let go of your old smoke detector or buy new smart detectors. With a smart outlet, all you need to do is plug your smoke detector into it.

With the smart outlet app, you can then control and receive alerts from the smoke detector. Plugging the smoke detector into the smart outlet automatically turns it into a smart detector.

3. Add to it a carbon dioxide detector

A smart carbon dioxide detector will accentuate your non-smart smoke detector.

The carbon dioxide detector also acts as an air quality monitor. Therefore, a slight presence of smoke in the house will be detected.

As your smoke detector sends off its alarm, the smoke detector will send you a notification on your phone. It will also send notifications to other people’s devices such as your roommates and even the fire department or local authorities who will come to put off the fire if it spreads.

4. Connect with other devices

If you already have smart smoke detectors in your home, you can make them even smarter.

You can do this by integrating your smart smoke detector with other devices. For example, you can connect your smart locks to your smoke detectors which will then lead your door locks to open to allow for easy access into the house. It can also lead to the shutting down of the air conditioning systems in the house to help lower the rate of fire spread.

5. Connect it with a smart home hub controller

Connecting your smoke detector to a smart home controller is another way to make it smart. From your hub, you can access the smoke detector and control it.

If it often raises false alarms, you can, from wherever you are access it and switch it off. All you need is for your home controller hub and your smoke detector to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

6. Connect it to your smart thermostat

A thermostat is one of those smart home devices that are a great investment. With a smart thermostat in your home, you are sure that you will live in a comfortable environment at optimum temperature levels.

A thermostat will sense any rise in temperatures if there is a fire. It could detect a fire way before there is smoke to be detected. Combined with the smoke detector, the smart thermostat adds efficiency and effectiveness to the strength and delivery of the detector.

Benefits of using a smart detector in your home

1. Immediate notification

With a smart home smoke detector, you get immediate notification when their smoke in your home. Since you have an app on your phone that is connected to the detector, as soon as it sounds the alarm, the app lets you know that there is an alarm from the smoke detector in your house.

This allows you and others to respond as quickly as possible to put out the fire before it causes damage.

2. Can detect fire without smoke

Smart smoke detectors connected to thermostats, or even advanced smart smoke detectors that can detect temperature changes can detect the presence of fire before smoke appears. Probably, the source of fire could also be burning without smoke.

A smart smoke detector can pick on changes in temperature and raise the alarm preventing damage from the starting fire.

3. Connection with other devices in the house

A smart smoke detector can be easily connected to other smart devices in the house. IF you have a fire suppressing system in your house, it can be activated as soon as the smoke detector raises an alarm.

It can also work with other smart devices in your house such as the air conditioning system, the locks and others to ensure that the fire does not spread in the house.

4. You can take action from wherever you are

Once your app notifies you that there is a fire in your house, you can notify the authorities quickly or it can even do it for you. You could also, through the app activate the rest of your home system to suppress the fire before it spreads.

5. Stop false alarms quickly and easily

Many smoke detectors are activated by numerous substances that are naturally occurring such as dust.

These cause them to raise the alarm for the presence of smoke when there is none. When this happens with a smart detector, you can quickly and easily shut down the alarm remotely from the convenience of your mobile device, thanks to the mobile app.


Smoke detectors are integral parts of our home for safety, security and peace of mind. Smart detectors are much better and can be integrated with other devices to help lower the impact of the occurrence of a fire.

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