Understanding the importance of the Best Home Router System

Router system is a very important technology that any homeowner with an automated home has. Yet, not many homeowners are eager to find out information about this piece of technology. You probably got yours handed to you, assumed you got the best home router system, nodded and went your way.

Router vs Modem

A router links up devices within a common network by transmitting data between them. The data can be transmitted in two ways:

  • Between devices
  • From the devices to the internet

Data transmitted this way gets to its intended destination and rarely gets lost within the network.

Some people will tell you that a router is more or less a modem. Granted; they have something in common seeing modems have a built-in router. However, the two differ especially in functions.

  • Modem: Connects you to the internet.
  • Router: Connects your devices – modem included – to a network.

Simply put, you’re the router makes it possible for your modem to share data between your devices. The data is also transferred from one location to the next. A modem is necessary because computers use a variety of signals, unlike the internet.

Your computers, as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets, work with a digital signal. On the other hand, operates on an analog-signal.

When a Router Becomes Necessary 

If you only need to connect a single device, a modem is all you need. However, a router is necessary for two very good reasons:

  • For future versatility
  • For security purposes

Hence, even if you have only one device to connect, the better option is the router. Using a router need not feel like you are piling up hardware that you may not need. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a router rather a modem:


A modem is not as secure as a router because its sole purpose is to transfer data from your internet provider to you. In fact, it exposes you to risk as your system can be hacked since your IP is in use. They can attempt to communicate and find weaknesses in your system which they can use to mess your system up.

Basically, it is like leaving your door unlocked for intruders to simply turn the knob and get into your home. If you want security, then a router is your best bet. It ensures that your devices are assigned a different IP rather than the public one that can be viewed by hackers.

The Best Router System Provides Connection for Multiple Devices

Best Home Router System

You do not have to connect every device you have via an Ethernet cable. This is because your router provides the internet signal through Wi-Fi.

You Can opt to Go Wireless 

If you use a laptop, you will have the added advantage of being able to move about with your device. In addition, you can have your other devices such as a tablet or Smartphone connected. A router will make it possible to be connected both to the internet and your local network.

You have the option to go for a modem and router in an all-in-one package. However, the better choice is to go for separate router and modem devices and enjoy the additional benefits.

What happens when you operate without a router? Data could easily end up in the wrong device. That would not only be inconveniencing but also infuriating. You want to send a document to your printer. Instead, it lands in the tablet. You have to start the process all over again.

The Router and the Smart Home

With smart homes gaining popularity rapidly, the need for a router could not be more urgent. Without a router, your connected devices will not be able to communicate. While you will still require internet connection, especially for cloud-hosted services, a home router regulates your data packages.

Wireless Router vs Wired Router

A wired router is also known as a Wi-Fi router. It comes with an antennae plus a wireless adapter for connecting devices without a cable.

A wireless router simply operates with LAN cable ports. A majority of today’s routers and modems work with a combination of LAN ports and antennae. This information is important when choosing the right router for your specific needs.


The best home router system is one that enhances your home security. It is important to have as much information as you need before purchasing your router. In addition, home automation experts such as Elzo and Vera are on hand to give provide the help you need.

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