The concept of home automation has gained immense popularity over the last few years. These systems allow you to control the temperature, lighting, appliances, window curtains, door locks, and much more. Initially, home automation was considered to be a luxury but now with tablets and smartphones becoming a common device in all households, we find that home automation is also becoming more affordable and easier to use. Discussed below are the best home automation systems for a smart home.

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9 Best Home Automation Systems for a Smart Home

  • Vera
  • Ezlo
  • SmartThings
  • SimpliSafe
  • Wink Home Automation
  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Home Hub
  • Savant
  • Crestron

Review the below most commonly used Smart Home options on the market.

1. Vera

Vera Home Automation System

Vera Control, Ltd offers the best home control and home entertainment solutions that are simple to set up when compared to the products currently sold. Vera products are extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly and are built on the MiOS platform. This MiOS platform works flawlessly with all wireless and wired technologies. This platform prevents you from worrying about compatibility. Whether it’s ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi Direct, BACnet, Insteon, PLC, or X10 technologies, the MiOS platform can bridge them all. Vera products allow you to remotely monitor and control the energy from anything that’s plugged into them.

2. eZLO

Ezlo Home Automation System

With eZLO’s all-inclusive platform, OEMs can plug and play eZLO’s technology into an existing product line to develop market-ready best home automation system solutions in an extremely cost-effective manner. The eZLO ATOM operates as the core of your smart home system as it permits you to develop a network based on your desired home automation. You just have to plug in the ATOM and connect to the eZLO support app on your smartphone or computer desktop to gain complete remote control of all devices connected to your hub. Once this is done, the ATOM communicates with the app to provide you with real-time data from each supported device and also allows you to execute commands with the easy push of a button. The eZLO PlugHub is a small hub that can be directly plugged into your electrical socket and it immediately becomes a gateway to whole-home control through your customized smart home network.

3. SmartThings

Smartthings Home Automation System

SmartThings offers technology to connect wirelessly with an extensive range of smart home devices. It offers receptive technical support in just a few clicks along with a simple and easy user user-interface that is compatible with an iOS or an Android application. SmartThings allows users to program their smart home devices to react to sensors and several other connected devices. In other words, smart devices can be programmed and activated randomly or on a schedule. SmartThings home automation system is compatible with ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave wireless peripherals. Technical support is offered via FAQs, email support, tutorials, user manuals, user forums, and live chat. Live-chat support is possible via smartphone apps that help users to exchange messages with the technical team.

4. SimpliSafe

Simplisafe Home Automation System

This home security company manufactures and sells self-installed security systems that can connect to a central monitoring center. The New SimpliSafe Home Security System is now available with an upgraded safeguard and is 50% louder and five times faster. SimpliSafe home automation systems can be effortlessly armed and disarmed because it has just three modes –home mode, test mode, and away mode. SimpliSafe’s glass break sensors are extremely precise such that they can sense the distinction between a plate breaking and an intruder crushing a window.

5. Wink

Wink Home Automation System

Wink offers software and hardware products that connect with and control smart home devices from a consolidated user interface. The DIY home automation systems and product line include the Wink Relay, Wink Hub, Wink mobile app, and several other Wink-certified and Wink products. Three DIY home automation kits are provided, and these kits cater to lighting, convenience, and security. Users can add other types of smart home technologies to Wink, and these usually include Z-Wave units and products from Lutron, Nest, Amazon, and other similar smart home companies.

6. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is another best home automation system that uses Amazon’s proprietary Alexa voice-powered technology. The Echo is competent of working as a standalone device connecting to a cloud-based service to make calls, set up alerts and times, provide music, inquire questions, or even ask activity and weather reports. The Echo is accessible with numerous omnidirectional microphones that it simpler to take voice commands from across a room. Speakers are also available to make it easy to be heard.

7. Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub is a home automation system that uses Google Assistant to execute tasks using voice commands, but it works mainly as a visual interface and functions like a voice-powered tablet device. It displays daily schedules, local weather information, notices, and events, and can also play videos and music from YouTube and several other services. When not using it, the Google Home Hub will be able to display a clock across its screen or work as a digital photo frame by displaying images from your Google Photo account.

8. Savant

Most of the home automation devices from Savant are available with a sleek, artful design that blends into your home’s surroundings. Savant’s website provides customer education resources that demonstrate how a Savant system can enhance your daily routine. From Savant, you can get good customer education resources and a stylish home automation system.

9. Crestron

Crestron makes most of the equipment in its systems, including devices such as speakers, light switches, and system controllers. This company is known for its fully customizable software and excellent customer education resources. Much of the company’s products cater to commercial automation in schools and businesses, but it also offers an extensive range of residential automation products. Crestron offers features that allow you to take control of your home’s scheduling, entertainment, and energy use. Crestron manufactures most of its equipment for its home control systems.

4 Key Benefits: Best Home Automation Systems for a Smart Home

All these above-discussed home automation systems for a smart home will help you set up a smart home that provides four key benefits:

1. Security

You can lock the door through your phone and this indeed gives you peace of mind. You will be alerted every time someone enters your home especially when you are not there.

2. Safety

Smart home devices allow you to control small appliances and lighting with your fingertips from anywhere. You can ensure that all appliances in your home are off when needed and on when they have to be used.

3. Save Money

Home automation allows you to save money through household temperature and with proper automation in window shades and automated thermostats.
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4. Saves Time

Once you’re out of your house, home automation helps you to save time as you would like not go back home just to form beyond any doubt everything is Alright. You’ll monitor in case the kids have closed the entryway from school or turned on the lights once you get home and many other things right from where ever you’re placed.

Google Home Without Wi-Fi

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