Understanding the Best Home Automation Hub

A smart home hub is a software or hardware that links gadgets to a home automation network and regulates communication among them.

This best automation hub that links to the cloud or locally is perfect for internet of things gadgets that utilize Bluetooth or Z-wave protocols as opposed to WiFi.

What to Consider before Purchasing a Smart Home Hub

There are various factors you need to consider before implementing the best smart home system as seen below.

Smart Homes Technology Protocols

The best home hub with a screen connects two gadgets in two ways. The most commonly used connectivity protocols are Z-wave and Bluetooth.

The former smart home brands utilize low-power radio signals to link up gadgets in a vast range from a hardware hub.

They make use of a mesh network that enables each connected smart gadget to play the role of an extra signal.

As each gadget boosts signals, you are able to connect numerous gadgets.

While Zigbee works in a similar manner, there are some differences such as gadget compatibility and range. Experts, however, say that these two systems are ideal.

Software vs. Hardware Smart Home System

Many home automation hubs are gadgets with characteristics similar to routers kept in your home to link up your gadgets.

Did you know that some advanced smart home technologies are mobile apps and software?

One of the most popular mobile apps in the market today is the Apple HomeKit.

With this app, you can connect your smart home gadgets and will be capable of regulating different gadgets with the Home app for Apple gadgets.

Dedicated vs. Hybrid Best Home Automation Hub

There are numerous smart home devices that come with an inbuilt smart home hub to enhance user convenience.

The Amazon Echo Plus is one of these options. It comes complete with a smart home hub Alexa, a voice assistant.

Still, these options are not powerful enough to support numerous gadgets in your home.

Remember, if you have numerous gadgets the dedicated smart home technology will come in handy.

A dedicated home automation hub takes up the responsibility of linking up all your gadgets in the home.

Which is the Best Home Automation Hub?

Are you searching for a home automation hub but can’t choose the right one for your needs?

Here are some of the best smart home systems you can choose. We’ve also included our recommended systems.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is a smart home display system that comes with multiple features.

With the system’s touchscreen display you can be able to watch videos, read the news, display your favorite photos in a rotating gallery.

It also comes with an inbuilt Google Assistant which is capable of connecting to compatible smart gadgets in your home to execute various tasks such as: playing music, adjusting lights, checking the calendar, and reporting the news.

You can leverage the Google Assistant voice commands to control all these tasks.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings can connect to various gadgets across your home and is capable of regulating lights and gadgets and speakers.

It can also enhance security and comfort in your home by modifying your thermostat, alerting you if the motion sensors pick any unusual activity is detected and locking your home.

Our Recommendation

The home automation hubs mentioned here are robust and effective for your home. However, we prefer a smart home system that’s not only all-rounded but one that will surpass your expectations.


Vera is one of the best smart home systems available today. It is specially designed to give users a robust and secure setup.

It’s powered by a genuine wireless technology known as Z-wave. This best smart home hub is built to ease home automation.

By choosing this system, you will enjoy a maximum experience from the team. They are committed to ensuring that users get the best out of this smart hub system.

What are the Setbacks?

This smart home hub may not be compatible with home theatre systems and voice control.


Ezlo is a smart hub system that has been in existence since 2014.

It acts as a link to help users integrate their gadgets and regulate them regardless of their location.

Ezlo home automation hub comes with Z-wave technology which revolutionizes your home to make it smarter.

This is an all-purpose technology that’s come in handy for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) helping them to enter the automation industry.

Ezlo is the Best Home Automation Because?

The team behind this smart hub system included moderators who strive to assess the product to guarantee quality and maximize customer experience.

What are the Setbacks?

This system needs high-speed internet for enhances data movement and transfer which can be costly.


Choose one of our recommended home automation hubs and enjoy the excellent service.

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