3 Best Home Control Systems in the Market Today

We are living in an era of wireless technology. The increased connectivity has made home automation possible where you can control everything from heating, lighting, and even entertainment devices remotely. The wireless technology enables you to create a truly smart home using nothing more than a visual interface, voice commands, or a mobile app. There are a dozen home automation systems in the market today, but the biggest challenge is finding the best home control system to suit your needs.

It’s now possible to control different devices at home using Bluetooth, wireless broadband, z-wave, ZigBee, and other protocols. The range of devices that can you can control with the home automation system continues to grow. Home security systems, smart lights, thermostats, video doorbells, smart plugs, door locks, smoke, and even flood detectors can now be controlled remotely. We also have audio-visual entertainment systems, TV’s, and even robots for vacuuming that you can control remotely. Home automation system makes a modern home safer and more comfortable.

Which is the Best Home Control System in the Market Today?

When looking for the best home control system, the first thing you will probably look into is reviews from other customers. Reviews will give you an overview of how good or bad the technology is and how well it integrates with other devices. As a homeowner, you don’t want to buy a home automation system that will force you to change most of the existing devices in your home. If you can get a home automation system that integrates with most of your household devices, the better. Here are the top three brands for the best home automation systems that you may need to consider.

Amazon Alexa Best Home Control System

Amazon Alexa home automation system is undoubtedly the best home control system in the market today. Amazon Alexa home automation system allows for more than 20,000 third-party integrations. Amazon Alexa eco-speaker is the most popular smart home automation developed by this company. But now Alexa is built into many other home devices other than the eco-speaker.

Amazon Alexa home automation system will simplify every aspect of your smart home, making it easy to access and control. You can use Amazon Alexa home automation system to communicate with different devices in the house. You can use it to turn lights on and off, operate a smart TV, and audio systems and even set alarms. The best part is that Alexa home automation system can integrate seamlessly with other devices, including products from major brands such as Samsung, Philips, Schlage, and Nest. The ability to integrate seamlessly with major brands makes Alexa home automation system one of the best choices for your smart home.

Vera Best Home Control System

If there is any true runner-up to Amazon Alexa home automation system, it is Vera smart home automation system. Vera is a subsidiary of Ezlo Innovation, a renowned global leader in providing smart solutions for homes and businesses. Vera best home control system has a variety of automation systems that utilize Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and VeraLink connectivity tools. Vera home automation system can operate more than 200 smart devices. They have pre-set scenes that only need one-touch activation. These systems also provide personalized notifications and can work even without an internet connection. Vera home automation system also includes security cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you are away.

In an increasingly busy world, you will always find yourself away from home many times. Using the Vera app, you can monitor how your pets are getting along, whether your nanny is engaging with your toddler, or when your kids get home from school. Vera smart home automation system give you the peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe. The only thing you need is a controller and a camera. You can then add other devices such as door locks, alarm, thermostat, a smart plug, smart bulbs, TVs, Audio systems, smoke and flood sensors, and other smart devices for additional comfort.

Google Assistant Best Home Control System

Google Assistant best control system is also among the most popular smart home controllers. The only set-back of using Google Assistant home automation system is that it has limited third-party integrations. Google Assistant home automation system can complete commands that other home controllers can’t, thanks to Google’s dominance of the search engine space. Google Assistant home automation system can also integrate seamlessly with major brands such as Nest, August, Philips, and Belkin.

Wink Hub 2 Best Home Control System

Wink Hub 2 best home control system was the first smart home automation system designed for the mainstream consumer. Just like Vera, Wink Hub 2 best home control system doesn’t have any brand loyalty. This allows consumers to buy devices from different brands and integrate them seamlessly with each other. Wink Hub 2 best home control system utilizes Lutron ClearConnect, kiddle, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and other connectivity protocols. Wink Hub 2 home automation system also has an app that can be used to control household appliances from a phone with just one tap. If you are looking for the best home control system, don’t hesitate to check out reviews from other users which will help you to make informed decision.

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