Try Vera for The Best Home Automation Controller Device

Home automation is the next frontier of consumer technology. Home automation refers to connecting your home appliances to technology, to easily and comfortably operate them from wherever you are. With the numerous companies serving this market, many are struggling to find the best home automation controller.

Home automation systems ensure that you are able to control all your house appliances remotely. With a simple mobile application, you can control your lights, curtains, alarm system and even your kitchen appliances. This makes sure that by the time you get to your house, you do not have to run around finishing up on all these essential tasks run by these appliances. At the touch of a button, you can go to sleep peacefully.

Why Vera Smart is the best home automation controller

It is easy to use

The Vera Smart is quite easy to understand and flexible in use. First, it is very easy to connect all your home appliances on its platform. With an appealing app dashboard, you can quickly get all your devices doing your bidding. On the app’s dashboard, you can see all the devices that you can control and their current status.

Easily integrated with the different kind of device platforms

With Vera Smart, you do not have to worry about the brand of your appliances. Vera home automation technologies allows you to quickly integrate and control different brand-name home appliances on one platform.

Customer Support

Without full time available and effective customer support, you can only call yourself the best home automation controller through pretense. For Vera, however, customer support is available at any time and for all the problems you may encounter.

In case you face any problems, regardless of your location, calling Vera support will see all your problems taken care of. You can get in touch with them by phone or video call or even on their social media pages for quick resolution of problems.

Smart home automation controller

Unlike many other home automation controllers, Vera is a smart controller. It is can be set to react to certain conditions. For example, you can set your Vera home controller to alert both you and the police of a break in, into your house. Or any other condition that you would like met by the application.

This makes it easy for you to identify when things are not going accordingly in your own house. Things that you would have probably missed had you not have had the controller.

Available on mobile application

Another distinguishing feature Vera, is the fact that you can access it as a mobile application. This can either be on iOS or even on Android. This makes it easy for anyone to use it. Further, it can also be accessed and operated easily even on the web.

This ensures that you have peace of mind as you can tell the state of your house and your appliances even from afar.

Variety of controllers

The Vera home automation brand is available in more than one type of control hardware. The variety of controllers allows users to choose that which suits their needs and desires. Beside their names, they will also vary in terms of price and the service provided.

Receive alerts for when something is happening

With the best home automation controller, it is very easy to know what is happening in your house. With an easy set task, you can let your controller let you know when there is activity at home.

If there is any movement, even by animals, the Vera controller can pick it and contact you with the information immediately.

Operate your home appliances remotely

With Vera, you will no longer worry about the state of your house when you work late. With the app downloaded on your phone, you can remotely operate your home appliances. For example, if you are working late, and, are afraid that people will realize that there is no one at your house, you can easily shut them down and even switch them lights off. This will help create the impression of somebody at home, while you are still at work.

Save lots of time and money

With this technology, you can easily now have the security of your house at your fingertips. Literally.


The best home automation controller you can get for your house or office is the Vera Smart. It has capable customer support and a mobile app that allows you to go everywhere with your house. Further it is highly affordable and easy to use.

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