Burglars could escape getting caught by security cameras by following blind spots. But, they will not escape detection from a  2GIG Motion Sensor 345.

Motion sensors are one of the essential devices in home security. It catches what other devices could miss, which is motion.

About 60% of convicted burglars said that they think twice after seeing a security system in a home. This is according to a report from the University of Carolina. So, if we want to protect our property, then we should really consider building a robust home security system.

Your 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 will not just help you with regards to home security. It is also capable of bringing you the best home automation experience.

You could turn devices on and off with the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. If you want your lights to turn on the moment you step on the hallway, you could use a 2GIG Motion Sensor 345.

Adding the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 will make your home security strong. It will also add color to your experience in home automation. In this article, we will discuss how to install a  2GIG Motion Sensor 345 in your home.

Things to Consider Before Installing 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 

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Before installing a 2GIG Motion Sensor 345, there are two things to consider first. These factors will help improve the performance of the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345.

The concern of these factors rests mostly on the location for the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. Things around your own house might affect the performance of the device. So, make sure these points are checked prior to installment:

1. The Right Location for 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. Location for you 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 will definitely affect its performance.

Put your 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 away from things that would trigger false alarms. These things include sunlight, airflow, curtains, and even pets. Your 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 might mistook these things for authorized triggers. Put it somewhere where it will pick up only your body’s motion.

Some users, put their 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 at head level. This is so that only a moving human body could be detected by the sensor.

A 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 is sensitive to motion because it is practically its job. So, you might hesitate to use it as a 2GIG outdoor motion sensor. But, you could always adjust the sensitivity of the device. This is so that minor movements from birds or falling leaves will not trigger any false alarms.

2. 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 Strong Communication with Other Devices. Location will also affect how 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 communicates with other devices. There are obstructions within your home that could weaken communication between devices.

Some parts of your house, such as thick walls and metal surfaces, might affect the signal. Other factors such as washers, driers, and large mirrors can also disrupt the signal. So, you should also be careful in where to put the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345.

Mere distance can also affect the communication between devices. This can be true if you use 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 as 2GIG outdoor motion sensor. It is advised that you put the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 where it could communicate well with other devices. But, you could also use a signal repeater, which improves signal between the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 and other devices.

Installing the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 

After getting aware of the factors to consider, you are now ready to install a 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. The process of installing it is quite simple. It only involves three steps that are easy to follow:

1. Integrate 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 to Other Devices. The first thing you should do is integrate the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 into your smart home system.

The motion sensor operates at 345 MHz. This means that it is compatible with most Honeywell and its eponymous 2GIG system. It is also compatible with VeraSecure Advanced Home Security Controller.

Some users use the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 as a means to automatically switch on the lights. While other users use it for security, you can use it in any way you want. This personalization is one of the charms of this device.

2. Install 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 to the Spot. There are two ways you can install the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 on a surface, usually a wall. You can install it either by a double-sided foam tape or with screws.

Double-sided foam tape will allow you to install the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 without use of tools. But, installing with screws are necessary for corner mounting.

Corner mounting is ideal for the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. This is because corners allow wider detection. Thus, the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 will perform better when mounted on corners. It is also ideal if you mount it 7 to 9 feet high for better coverage.

3. Test the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. After all has been set, you can now test your 2GIG Motion Sensor 345. See if it detects your movement.

You can also run a walk test to the 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 too see what things could trigger false alarms. This is so that you could adjust to the sensitivity of the sensor.

The 2GIG Motion Sensor 345 is a versatile device. It could be used to automate other devices or be used for home security. Are you planning on having this practical home automation device? You have your very own unit from Amazon.

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