In a bid to serve a large market of smart home device users, Google has developed lots of smart devices. The question that many of their customers always seek answers to is, what is the best Google Home device to acquire for your home?

A simple answer to this question is not always easily available. This is because Google has invested in a range of smart home devices that are equally loved by as many people as use them. These devices may be focused on different areas of the home while others enable the user to control most of the home from one location.

Here are some of the leading Google Home devices you can buy to ease the amount of work that you do in the house.

Google Home

Google Home Speaker

Google Home is 6-inch-tall smart speaker that heralded the entry of Google in the smart home device market. Available only in its white color, this is a smart speaker that revolutionizes how you control your smart home appliances. It works via voice commands.

By your voice and with an internet connection, the Google Home will enable you to turn off your lights, open your blinds, play music and even control the volume or channels you are watching on your TV.


Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

This is another of the most common Google Home devices. The Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the Google Home smart speaker. It can perform as many functions as the Google Home speaker.

It is available in white, black and coral. Further, it is the cheapest of the Google Home devices that you can buy. Now in its second generation, it is known as the Google Nest Mini.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max is considered as one of the best smart speakers in the market in the Google smart home devices range. It is much larger than the other speakers. It is also much more expensive than the other speakers. It comes with a high-quality audio.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is a smart home controller. It consists of a 10-inch touch screen. This enhances its efficacy in working. You can control all the devices in your house that are compatible with it from the touch screen or through the usual voice commands. The touch screen also acts as a screen to make video calls and to monitor what other surveillance cameras in your house are seeing. It also allows you to see who is at your door via your Nest camera at the door.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is another of the Google home devices that make your house a smart home.

This thermostat is smart enough to learn how you like the temperatures in your home, thus its name. While you are at home it will adjust itself to your preferred temperature settings and while you are away, it will turn off your air conditioning thus saving you a lot in terms of air conditioning costs.

It is among the most popular of Google smart home devices.

Nest Hello Doorbell

Nest Hello Doorbell

As the name suggests this is a smart doorbell. It is a video camera that allows you to see who is at your door via your smartphone or the Google Nest Hub on its touch screen.

Having this in your house is necessary for your security and peace of mind. With this device, you are aware of anyone who rings the bell at your door even before you open it. If you are away, it records the events and people who come close to your door.

It can be connected to a motion sensor that triggers an alarm in case of a robbery at your house while you are away. It will also send an alert to your phone when there is someone at your door.


The Google Chromecast is a streaming device. It works with mobile devices, computers and connected TVs. You can stream different kinds of content from the internet with the Chromecast. You can stream video, audio and even photos.

It can also be connected to other Google Home devices for quick and easy control.


There are numerous Google Home devices that can be used in a smart home. These are the most used devices in numerous homes around the world. They also represent what is the best Google Home device for each category of smart home devices that they represent. With these devices, you will not be disappointed.

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