A guide on how to pair Philips hue with Google home

Lights are an essential ingredient in a beautiful home. When done properly, they can help transform a living space completely. Smart light bulbs can bring a new breath of life, lighting up your mood, motivating, and inspiring everyone in the room. Here is a simple guide on how to pair Philips hue with Google home. Read on to learn how you can switch commands or adjust Philips hues from the Google home application on your device.

Step 1: setting up the Philips hue lights

The first step is to get your Philips hue bulbs up and running. To learn how to pair Philips hue with Google Home, you will need a Philips hue bridge which you will plug into your router. This will help you gain control of different hue bulbs in the house. Plug the Philips hue bridge into a power source and then connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable. The device illuminates from its four lights when ready.  

On your Android or iOS device, download and open the Philips hue application. If you are doing this for the first time, you will need to register an account. Once logged in, go to the settings page on the application, choose hue bridges; add Hue Bridge to proceed. 

With this, you will prompt the app to sync for and detect the Hue Bridge and check that it is functioning appropriately. In readiness to learn how to pair Philips hue with Google Home, follow all the instructions on the screen to check and ensure that everything is alright. 

After this, check to ensure the hue bulbs are plugged and switched on as required. On the settings page of your Philips hue app, select the ‘add light’ option. This will help you confirm that all lights are working and that the configurations are right. 

If everything looks fine, you're doing well regarding how to match Philips hue with Google Home. It's presently time to present Google domestic into the savvy lights blend. Here is how to pair Philips tone with Google home.

Easy Steps to Pair Philips hue with Google home

It's easy to add several devices to your Google home application so that you can control them from your Android or iOS device. To learn how to pair your Philips hue with Google home, you will need to sign in to your Philips hue account from the Google home application.

Here is how to go about it;

  • Press from the Google home application, tap onto the menu icon (three lines) at the top on the left side of the application. 

  • Tap on the ‘home control’ option. 

  • On the bottom right corner of the app screen, tap the blue (+) button

  • Tap Philips hue to select

  • You will be redirected to a browser window which allows you to sign in to your Philips hue account.

  • Confirm that you trust Google assistant to grant it access to control your Philips hue account by tapping ‘Yes’.

You now have full access to the Philips hue app from your Google Home app. You can set up or even control the existing lights with commands like, "turn off the basement lights." Some of the additional setups you can configure from the Google home app include setting up various color combinations. Pre-set color combination settings can be commanded to the Philips hue app if you know how to pair Philips hue with Google Home.

For superior control, Google home will require you to allot all the smart lights identified to particular rooms inside your house. This setup is vital and permits you to form more specific commands. For occurrence, you'll be able to command the app to switch off all the room lights from a single control.

Using your voice on Google Home to control Philips hue

Another exciting bit about knowing your way on how to pair Philips hue with Google home is that it allows you to gain as much control using your voice. When you have pre-set all the desired preferences on your hue app, you can give voice commands such as "Hey, Google. Turn on the living room lights and set them to blue" on your Google Home smart speaker.  

The voice commands should be in line with the names assigned to different lights in your house and the color settings as well. You can use the IFTTT (If this then that) application to add more customized settings if need be. This application can help you introduce additional options as you learn how to pair Philips hue with Google Home.

While you can also control each lamp individually, it's easier when you group them into categories based on different rooms within your house. By learning how to pair Philips hue with Google home, you can comfortably do this from the Google home application after linking it with Philips hue. You can assign names such as; basement lights, bedroom lamps, study room lamps etc. 


 Google home is a handy assistant that makes it easy to set up and use smart bulbs in your home. The application gives you hassle-free control by allowing you to switch on, switch off or adjust the Philips hue smart lights to the desired preferences at any particular time. You can do this and much more if you learn how to pair Philips hue with Google home. 

That you can give these commands using your voice makes Google Home and Philips hue a powerful combination to try out in your home. With the above guidelines, you should be able to come home and turn on the lights with a simple voice command like, "Hey Google, Turn on all the lights."

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