A simple guide on how to link Philips hue with Google home

Picture this, moving into your bedroom and switching on the lights with a voice command such as “Hey Google, Please turn on the bedroom lights and set them to dim red.” That would be magical, right? Well, we are here to help you enjoy this luxurious convenience of home automation. This guide brings you important insights, read through to learn how to link Philips hue with Google home and how to make the most out of it.

Making your home smart with the Philips hue bulbs

Well-thought lighting can help transform your home in a big way. With smart lighting from Philips hue and a few tips on how to link Philips hue with Google Home, you can kiss goodbye to the traditional light bulbs. With a budget of about $100, you will be able to create an all-new ambiance with the Philips hue set that contains four hue bulbs and one hue bridge. You can get as many sets of bulbs as is necessary for all the spaces that you need to light up.

One of the advantages of smart lighting is that you simply can set up different lighting routines that will assist you to switch the lights on and off at the selected time. But that’s not all. You'll make much more of the lights by learning a thing or two on How to Connect Philips Hue with Google Home.

How to link the Philips hue with Google home

For proper Philips hue and Google home integration, you need to ensure that the Philip hue devices are connected and working well. You have probably done this already but here’s a quick overview on how to do it in case you are just getting started. 

Setting up the Philips hue devices

To take any lessons, you need one or two resources. It is no different when you are learning how to link Philips hue with Google Home. 

You will need;

  • Hue bulbs

  • Hue bridge

  • Ethernet cable

Start by connecting the hue bridge to the router using the Ethernet cable. The next step is to fix the hue bulbs in all the desired positions or turn them on if you already have the hue fixtures in place. 

From your android or IOS device, download and install the Philips hue app. If you are using the application for the first time, you will need to register an account. This is easy and should take only a few minutes. Once logged in, complete the setup process and pair all the available lights with your app. 

For simpler control, you'll assign names to the different tint lights as they appear on your app. You'll also group the lamps into different categories such as bedroom, basement, balcony lights, and so on. Grouping the lights will grant easier controls for home spaces with multiple lights; however, you'll too control one light at a time. This grouping will come in handy after you learn how to link Philips hue with Google Home.  

From the hue app, you can be able to activate and schedule preset lighting conditions (known as scenes). This will change your home’s lighting at the set time. Apart from adjusting lights, you can do a lot more with Philips hue smart lights. How? You ask. This is where Google home comes in. Here is how to link Philips hue with Google Home.

A guide on how to link Philips hue with Google Home

To do this, you simply need to find and add the smart bulbs to your google assistant app. From this application, you can set up other customized settings such as assigning lights to a room. 

Learning how to link Philips hue with Google Home is an easy process even for amateurs or beginners. 

  • Launch the Google Assistant app 

  • Tap the menu icon (three dots) on the top of the screen

  • Go to ‘settings’

  • Scroll to ‘services’ and tap ‘home control’

  • Tap the (+) icon on the right corner of your screen

  • Check for ‘Philips hue’ and tap to select

After this process, you now know how to link Philips hue with Google Home; you will, therefore, be able to see all the devices (light bulbs) paired or connected on your hue account from the home control. 

Setting up rooms from Google home

From the home control on your Google Assistant app, tap 'Rooms'. You will be prompted to assign the available devices to rooms. Do this by clicking on the pencil-like icon that appears next to the listed devices. Assign the names accordingly. 

Tap on the ‘done’ option on your right-hand corner when you are through with assigning the different lights to their respective rooms. 

Telling Google home what to do via text or voice

By now, you have everything set up and functioning. You can now try controlling the hue lights via voice commands on your Google home. Instruct the app to action various instructions such as turning specific lights on or off, altering the light colors, and adjusting the brightness level among many other commands. For instance, you can say “brighten the kitchen lights” on your microphone or Google home speakers

Once you are done with the process of how to link Philips hue with Google Home, you can also issue the desired action by typing a text. That’s the beauty of Google home; it understands both written and spoken instructions. 


Learning how to link Philips hue with Google Home allows you to have better control of smart lighting in your home. This is a powerful duo that gives you a new way to tell your lights what to do from your android, IOS device or your Google Home speakers as you go about your tasks.  

I hope the above insights will help you learn how to link Philips hue with Google Home without much stress.

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