Learn How to Link Hue to Google Home for Ease of Control

The Philips Hue range of smart home lights is quite loved and popular. It is among the highest-ranked smart lights for its ease of use and compatibility with numerous smart home systems. One of the most popular smart home systems that work well and easily with Hue is the Google Home.

To experience this ease of use, you have to know how to link Hue to Google Home. Once this is done, you can now experience the ease and convenience of a voice-controlled smart home.

Linking your Hue to your Google Home is an easy process and does not require any technical assistance.

Here are the steps to follow to link your Hue to Google Home for ease of control.

Create a Hue Account

When you buy your Hue smart lights for your home, it is advisable that you open an account on the Hue website. This will help you learn more about your lights and also update them with ease.

Also important at this stage is that you have mastered how to use your Hue Bridge. This device ensures that your lights can easily and conveniently access your Wi-Fi.

A Hue account is important in the process to link Hue to Google Home.

Download your Google Home app

The other similarly important aspect of having your Hue link to your Google Home is your Google Home app. 

Download the Google Home app onto your mobile device. Through this app, you will be able to connect your Hue to your Google Home device.

With the app on your phone, you are now ready to link your Hue to your Google Home.

Add your Hue onto the Google Home

On the Google app, this is where you will link your Hue to your Google Home.

On the Google Home app, go to and click on the Add Devices button. This will display a number of devices that the Google Home can detect around it and can easily connect with.

Click on your Hue lights and start the connection process.

Go to your Hue Account

Clicking on the Hue lights in your house directs you to log in to your Hue account that you set up at the first step.

Once you are logged in, the Hue account will seek your permission to grant access to the Google Home app. Allow your account to be controlled by an external app that is the Google Home. This makes it ready to connect both devices and allow Google Home to control the Hue.

Once this is done, the Google Home app will prompt you to pair the devices.

Pair the Hue to your Google Home device

On the Hue Bridge, click on the pair button. This will start the linking process.

For this process to be completed successfully, ensure that both your Hue Bridge and your Google Home are on the same Wi-Fi network. This ensures that they can communicate easily and quickly.

Create rooms for your lights

Once the pairing process is complete, the Google Home app will now prompt you to create rooms and allocate all the lights it has detected to these rooms.

This makes it easier for you to control the lights in specific rooms. You can switch on or off all the lights in a room with a single command.

Complete the linking process

After you are through creating rooms and allocating all detected lights to rooms, you are at the final stage of the process to link Hue to Google Home.

Click on the Done button on the Google Home app. You have successfully linked your Hue to your Google Home. You can now control all the Hue lights in your home from your Google Home device at the sound of your voice.

Using your Google Home to control your Hue lights

Now that you have successfully connected your Hue to your Google Home device, all you need now to control the lights is your voice. 

With its super-sensitive highly advanced microphones, connect to your Google device by saying "OK Google. Switch on the lights in the bedroom" And the lights in the bedroom will switch on.

This is why you created rooms on your app and allocated lights to it.


This is the process to follow on how to link Hue to Google Home. With Google Home, you have convenience and ease in the control of your smart home. Hue smart lights are manufactured to be easily compatible with Google Home.

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