A hub is the nerve center in your automated home system and it connects all your smart devices together and have them under the control of one app. Deciding on what is the best home hub depends on the number of devices you are using and what components you have in place. There are various home automated protocols like lights,door bells, thermostats, security cameras and locks.

Major Features for your Best Home Hub

To get the best home hub, always ensure it has the following features

  • Compatible with your smart home
  • Several connected devices
  • Enables voice assistants

Best Home Hub Benefits

  • Automation
  • Remote control
  • Connectivity

Some of the Best Home Hubs

  1. Google Home Hub

This set up is controlled with Google Assistant voice instructions. It has the best connectivity. It well connects with Nest and enables you to see who is at your door from your smart hub of home display.

Outstanding Features

  • Works with several smart home devices from over various brands to give you a broad connectivity. It’s the best when connecting your smart home hub.
  • Uses Bluetooth and WI-FI to fully connect your smart devices at home.
  • Uses Google Home mobile app for better control of your home.
  1. Amazon Echo Plus

It has a ‘Drop-In’ feature which connects you to your other rooms. It acts on voice commands and can play music. It controls and connects all your smart devices from one point. If you are looking for good voice, Amazon Echo Plus has the best voice.

Major Features

  • Uses low power to connect your devices.
  • Has a built in ‘Amazon Alexa’ which manages your smart devices through voice commands.
  • Connects all your smart devices using Alexa mobile app.
  1. Samsung Smart Things Hub

It is pocket friendly. It gives you alerts of activities going on at home. You can schedule it when to automatically turn on and off.

Major Features

  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Uses Bluetooth, Zigbee and WI-FI to connect your smart devices.
  • Uses SmartThings mobile app.
  1. Securifi Smart Home Hub

It offers wide Internet network which is fast. You can set it to automatically turn off and on your smart devices.

                Major Features

  • Uses Almond app.
  • Has in-built customer support to those that use Nest, Philips, Hue and Amazon Echo.
  • Liaises with Amazon Alexa to control smart devices.
  • Compatible with various routers and modems.

Home Automation for Your Best Home Hub

Home Automation is always available to help you identify and settle on what is the best home hub. You enjoy your smart home after installing the suitable and quality smart devices. Home Automation analyses and ranks smart devices for you. Some devices are sophisticated and you can’t differentiate between which should rank first. If you don’t know what is the best home hub, Home Automation is here for you.

This is how they rank:

  • Liaising with manufacturers
  • Conducting research through engaging the service providers
  • Research on recommendations

We keep our members informed through benefits like:

  • Evaluation
  • Genuine reviews
  • Products and services
  • Negative reviews

Vera’s Products Pairs with the Best Home Hub

After automating your home and getting the best home hub, lift it higher and make it smarter by pairing your control app with the Vera’s app. You have not experienced the best if you have not done this. You will travel far and wide with comfort and ease because at the click of a button, you get to know all what is happening back home.

You will enjoy:

  • Automated chores.
  • Turning lights on before you get home.
  • When out of home, you get alerts of what is happening.
  • Watch over your home when away

Speak to our customer care for support:

Monday – Sunday between 6am to 10pm CST / EST

+1 (866) 966 – 2272

+1 (702) 487 – 9770 Vera International


Ezlo Innovation Connecting Your Best Home Hub

Ezlo makes your home hub smart and connected through the latest smart home controllers. At the sound of your voice or touch of a button, everything in your smart home is controlled. Ezlo necessities your best home hub to have technology which is easy to use and accessible.

Our solutions:

  • Improves customer experiences.
  • Opens new channels for revenue.
  • Make life easier.
  • Optimize energy consumption.

Our Products

  • Ezlo PluHub Energy
  • Ezlo Atom
  • Pearl Thermostat
  • Philio Multisensor

Welcome the modern technology to your home. It makes your life easier, enjoyable and more secure. Don’t live in the past. Seek more to know what the best home hub is and how you can upgrade yours.

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