Great Tips on How Best to Use Google Home Smart Device

After you have unpacked and setup your Google Home, you will be surprised at how easy it is use. After asking it a few questions and listening to your favorite song coming from a speaker you used your voice to command, you will start wondering what else it can do. Keep reading to get a range of great tips on how to best use Google Home.

The Google Home device is a versatile device that can do more than just stream music and help children with their homework. Here are some of the advanced tasks that it can assist you with, it you let it.

Control all your smart home devices and appliances

If you live in a smart home, your Google Home should be your best friend. It will help you control all aspects of your smart home. The Google Home can easily to connect to a myriad of devices regardless of their manufacturer.

To make this an easy task, connect your Google Home to your home appliances on the Google Home App. Once you have done this, you will be drawing your blinds, switching off your lights and turning of your TV at the sound of your voice through the Google Home.

Fill up your pantry

The Google Home is connected to Google Express. This is Google’s shopping mall. As a result, with your Google Home, you can fill up your pantry without leaving your bed or holding any device in your hands. All you need is your voice. This lets you go shopping even when you are unwell.

Use it as your phone

As you go beyond asking the Google Home a few questions, you can let it show how smart it is. The Google Home can let you make hands free calls. Just command it, “OK, Google, Call Mum” and you will hear the common dial tone.

Further, your Google Home can let you read your unread SMS texts. Ask it to show you all your unread texts and it will read them all to you. If connected to your Facebook Messenger app, you can use your Google Home to read the messages that come through it.

Stream your online content

With the Google Home, you can stream your favorite movies, music and even favorite photos of your vacation on your TV.

Connected to a Chromecast, you can easily stream from any of your devices. Be it your phone or your computer.

Connect to other devices on Bluetooth

In addition to Wi-Fi, the Google Home can also connect to other devices on Bluetooth. One of the devices that can capably connect on Bluetooth is the Chromecast. This will ensure that you can use your Google Home to stream your favorite entertainment via Chromecast even when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

If you are an adventurous person who loves the outdoors. You do not have to leave your entertainment behind just because you will not get a connection on your outdoor trips and adventures.

Change its voice

If the Google Home’s voice is not pleasing to your ears, you can easily and quickly change it to a more robot sound or an inbuilt John Legend voice.

Select settings on the Google Home mobile app and navigate to Preferences and then Voice. Here, you can select from the available voice choices provided.

Make your life easier and smooth

How much easier would life be if you could get anything you wanted at the sound of a voice? With the Google Home, your life will be as smooth as you like.

You can order pizza, an Uber to your office, select your favorite movie from your favorite web streaming service and even start your car. All at the sound of your voice. Thanks to a simple device famously known as the Google Home.

It can speak multiple languages

What do you expect of a device manufactured by a company that helps the world translate web pages and even voices?

For a multilingual house, you can use the Google Home in any of the languages that you speak. Just set your language preferences. Whichever language that you talk to the Google Home with, it will respond as required.


The Google Home may be a small device that is powerful enough to transform the quality of your life. It will make your life easy and allow you to achieve much more. With these tips, you have a starting point on how to best use Google Home.

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