Google home is a Google product with integrated support which includes home automation. It enables users to control their home appliances from one point through an app installed in the phone. The product keeps on developing to meet more user needs. To change WI-FI for Google Home is one of the best decisions to make for all your smart devices you have at home.

Why Do You Need Google Home? 

  • It is compatible with almost all smart devices at home
  • It gives immediate response on weather, traffic conditions, calendar reminders, your flight status and time details. It can read and give a reply to your messages. It tells you how the weather is today and if you further ask for tomorrow’s weather it gives you an answer.
  • Relatively cheap as compared to other devices with similar capabilities.
  • Has superior responses. It is Googles product and hence it has access to Google’s knowledge graph. This makes it outdo all other smart apps for home automation.
  • It has artificial intelligence. It is a home assistant especially when far from home.  
  • You can automate almost everything at home.
  • If you use the other apps from Google, then Google Home easily combines with them to give you a great experience. They make a good ecosystem.
  • It notifies you when the bell on your door rings and also allows you to see who is ringing it.
  • It gives a sense of fun

 Simple Steps to Change WI-FI for Google Home 

The device you are using must be connected to network. You will not need to reset your factory settings or to reset your device. It is as easy as clicking a button, and there you change WI-FI for Google Home.

  1. The app for your Google Home in your smart phone or device should be open.

  2. Click the name of your device for Google Home
  3. At the right upper corner of the screen click the button for settings.
  4. Tap on WI-FI
  5. A red button displaying the names ‘Forget this Network’ will appear. Tap on it. Your app moves to home screen.

Home Automation 

We help you to get the best automation system in your home. The automation systems used at home are for controlling automatically various home appliances. In this new era you should have an automation system in your home that monitors and controls your home devices.

The app for Google Home which is user friendly can be installed to a smart device and will control all the smart devices. At Home Automation we rank the automation systems through:

  1. Doing a research to service providers
  2. Engaging the manufacturers
  3. We research for recommendations and we re-evaluate products when updates for products occur.

By becoming a member you enjoy various membership benefits like;

  • Genuine reviews from customers
  • Evaluation
  • Services and products
  • Negative reviews which are pre validated

How Will Vera Help Me in Google Home? 

Vera’s platform has so many smart devices which you will not find in any other platform. At the touch of a button, you simply control all your smart devices at home. By pairing your controller to Vera’s App, you will control all your smart devices from any corner of the world.

Vera’s Products and Services

  • Vera makes daily routines at home simple
  • When away from home, you still keep an eye at home
  • You immediately get an alert if something has happened
  • You can turn on the lights before you arrive home
  • All your daily events are automated.

Our experienced team of customer care have the right solution for you!

Call us Monday to Sunday from 6am to 10pm CST/EST

+1 (86) 966 - 2272

+1 (702) 487 – 9770    Vera International

Do I Need Ezlo Innovation in My Google Home? 

Ezlo improves your home automation by making it more accessible through these three products:

  • Ezlo Atom Z-Wave Plus Home Controller (EZATOM)
  • Ezlo PlugHub Energy (EZPLUGHUB)
  • Ezlo Philio Multisound Z-Wave siren (EZP SEO2)

Call us Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm pacific at Toll Free number 800 – 266 – 8765

Do not be left behind when everyone wants to change WI-FI for Google Home to enjoy the various benefits in saving time and resources. With good home automation, move with all your home smart devices wherever you go. Enjoy a remote control of your home smart devices.

How to Set Up Google Home Wifi

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