Google Home Mini was introduced by Google as a near solution to your home automation. If you have always wanted to have Google Home in your home but cannot afford it because it is comparatively expensive, Google Mini Home is the way to go. You can also use Google Mini Home to extend your Google Home to the other rooms in your home. Thus you need to know what devices are compatible with Google Home Mini.

Uses of Google Home Mini

  • Your home becomes smarter.
  • When you misplace your phone, don’t worry. Google Home Mini will help you find it. You just tell Google to get your phone. It will ring even in silent mode if it is android enabled.
  • It will tell you the schedule of your day and remind you when it is time to do something. It will let you know the weather, traffic, the day’s big headline news and many more.
  • Google Home Mini will help you make announcements in your entire home. You will not have to shout and move allover.
  • It will keep your children entertained through your instructions.
  • And you know what? It can do mathematics homework! Probably you would not want your children to know this.

Devices Compatible with Google Mini:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat:

This device from Google is at its 3rd Generation and is very smart. Just like the name suggests, it actually learns how you control your temperature and then it adjusts automatically. It’s simple, well designed and easy to use.

  • Belkin Wemo Mini:

It’s a simple smart plug that will do as instructed through an app. Like you can say, ‘Hey Google, I need the speakers turned off’. It will do that.It’s a good smart plug to have rather than the manual dumb plugs.

  • Philips Hue Starter Kit

Let your entire home have an outfit of this smart starter kit. It is relatively cheap and very reliable. You will tell Google to turn on the kitchen lights and that is what it will do. This starter kit have even become smarter due to incorporation of android.

  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor

This is the best smart home security. It works with Google and as well Google Assistant has been built right inside. This means you can relocate the Google Home Speaker right to another room conveniently and it will not change its performance. You can then set your camera to work as per your instructions.

Home Automation Makes Your Google Home Mini More Comfortable

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Vera’s Products that Makes Google Home Mini More Smarter

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Remote Control System

Vera’s help comes readily as in:

  • When you are far from home, you don’t have to worry. You get alerts of all that is happening.
  • You watch over your home and control everything when you are not at home.
  • All your routines are made easier at the click of a button.

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Ezlo Innovation on Google Home Mini

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Automate your home with quality products. Now you know what devices are compatible with Google Home Mini. It looks into your pocket and makes you have a smart home of your dreams.

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