Smart Speakers & Smart Lighting: A Review

A smart speaker can be categorized as an intelligent wireless audio playback device that encompasses several types of' connectivity to employ surplus functionality. Smart speakers incorporate special features so that it's easy to use and have multi-device connectivity for audio streaming.

When evaluating which is the best smart speaker to buy, you should consider a smart speaker with excellent audio capabilities and an outstanding artificial intelligence service such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple's Siri. Also, a speaker that can be used to control lights which begs the question of how do you connect light with google

Smart speakers are very similar to home hubs in terms of their functionality, and it is effortless to generalize, but smart speakers usually listen to all speech in a room and are in the wait for a `wake word' such as `Hey Siri.' 

How Artificial Intelligence in Smart Devices Works

Before we look at how to connect lights with Google smart speakers or Google assistant in other devices, we first need to understand how the primary technology used, which is artificial intelligence works.

The key to the drills of a smart speaker is speech recognition technology. Speech recognition enables the smart speaker to comprehend the speech spoken in its surroundings and act hence upon it. As earlier revealed, the various smart speaker makers use different speech recognition technology such as the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri, to name but a few.

When the system hears a `wake word,' it shows the prompts over the internet to the main dispensation area and then to the manufacturer's cloud system. The recognition service is based on algorithms so that this system can acquaint itself with your voice and speech patterns to give better services to you in the future.


When you have a Google Home smart speaker, it is quite easy to connect your smart lighting and power it on or off using just your voice. Google Assistant will pick up on your voice and execute the prompts. You might also need to install the application either on your Android or iOS device.

Connecting Your Light bulbs to Google 

  • This process consists of locating and adding your bulbs to the Google Assistant application and also assigning the specific rooms that the lights are located in.

  • But the first Plug in your Google Home device

  • From the App Store or Play store download the Google Home App and run the application

  • Configure your device on the Google Home App using the given prompts

  • Screw-in your bulbs in the same household as the one that the Google device is located in and turn on the lights

  • Now open the Google Home App and select Yes if you are prompted to configure your smart bulbs.

  • Create a custom room in the application where the bulbs are located

  • Create exclusive names for all your smart bulbs and click next

  • If and when the light bulb blinks, it means the bulbs are connected to the google home, and you can manually control them using the device or by using your voice with Google Assistant.

Controlling your Lighting with Google

Once everything is set up, you will use voice commands to prompt Google on which actions to perform. For instance, you can prompt Google to Turn the Lights on or off, set the brightness to a certain level depending on your preference, you can also change the color of lighting but for supported bulbs only. You even can control all the lights in your house by just giving one voice command.

Other Devices That Can Work with Smart Lighting 

Switches and sockets

So many switches and sockets are smart; some of them do not need a hub for control but rather an application. Smart switches and plugs connected with google can allow you to control the lighting within your home just by sliding your fingers on the controller. Also, smart switches such as the SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug can switch your appliances on with your voice.


Google home, for instance, can switch smart hubs such as the Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation. It makes your devices work in harmony, and you can set routines that fit your lifestyle. These hubs can also control lighting by use of AI services such as the Google Assistant.


To sum it all up, Google can be connected with smart lights in your home, such as the Phillip Hues, but its functionality with regards to control the lights has unlimited potential, as we have seen above. 

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