With 2022 already with us, the 'smart' technology is anticipated to dominate the market drastically. Home automation will change how we operate our homes.

No longer do you have to worry about turning off lights whenever you're in a rush. You can quickly learn how to connect Philips hue to google home and control the lights straight from your phone. What's more, your alarms, thermostat, doors and even sensors can all be control in a similar manner.

All this is enabled by the Internet of things (IoT).

Numerous brands are working in this field to make the smart home dream a reality. Nonetheless, one brand that stands out in the field is Vera, from Ezlo.


Take a look below at a few of the reasons.

1. Compatibility with most devices

The success of Vera in home automation is mainly because of its compatibility. According to their page, Vera is compatible with thousands of devices from different brands.

Most other brands develop an automation system that’s limited to select products only. But not Vera.

Every device listed on their compatibility list page has been tested and proven by their team of experts. Therefore, you can be sure of excellent automation services from this brand.

Moreover, Vera doesn’t limit pairing to wi-fi only. You can also pair using Z-wave, Zig-bee, Bluetooth LT and even IP.

This variety of options makes controlling your home faster and easier.

2. Remote control of your home

With vera, you can access your home from any location around the world right on your smartphone or tablet. This system controls not only lighting, but also security, temperatures among others.

Furthermore, its compatibility with most devices means you can also add more devices to the network. As such, you can monitor everything that's happening in and around your home at any time.

Although this may sound a bit technical, it actually isn’t. For example, a task like automating your lighting system requires you to know how to connect philips hue to Google Home. That’s it!

Besides giving you this control, Vera also offers additional services such as professional monitoring, VeraEasyStart (Concierge) and Advanced camera management.

Therefore, with this system, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that the house is safe and secure.

3. Power and energy management

Ezlo's reason behind Vera was to come up with a system that's not only convenient but also energy saving. Therefore, they designed Vero to run on batteries rather than direct power.

However, it also comes with an AC cord for power input.

With Vera, you get to control your entire lighting system at the comfort of your bed. Therefore, when you notice lights in a room are still on, one click on your app will turn it off.

Additionally, since you get access to all your smart devices, you can efficiently run your home on a power-saving mode. Even when you're not home, you'll still be able to control your smart home gadgets on your app.

4. Ease of applications

According to home automation experts, the number one rule you should always follow when choosing a brand is this:

Don’t prioritize your convenience over safety.

That’s the rule applied by Ezlo with Vera. It allows you to add up to 200 sensors and cameras to your system for greater security.

Besides, through your iOS or Android app, you get notifications and alerts about what's happening around your home. Whether there's an intruder, a leaking pipe or any other fault, Vera's got you.

Unlike other brands, you can even sound an alarm and control your door locks in case of an intrusion.

Yes. Vera’s that good.

5. Flexibility and cost

Ezlo innovations has been recognized multiple times for their problem-solving innovations. Vera is one of its most successful products.

Despite its user-friendly interface, Vera has an open market where you can download other applications to improve your experience.

The brand allows you to purchase your appliances to any manufacturer you want. As such, you are not limited to specific devices.

You, therefore, save on costs.

Moreover, Vera is among the cheapest home automation brands in the market. For less than $100, you can have your smart home fully automated.

What's more, there are zero monthly fees incurred to access your mobile app.


Besides the above reasons, Vera has the best customer support, available to help 24/7 every day.

These features have made Ezlo and Vera not only popular but also, one of the best home automation brands in the industry.

Investing in them, you’ll enjoy easy access to your home, better security, and integration of more smart home gadgets to the network.

Most of all, you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing that Vera and Ezlo have got your back.

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