The smart doorbell is the new peephole with a major upgrade. You no longer have to strain to see out the window or the conventional peephole to see who your visitor is. We will show you how to link ring to Google Home to see your visitors better.

Automated homes help to advance security in your living space. Smart doorbells are simple to use. When someone comes to your door and pushes the buzzer, the doorbell allows you see outside on your phone. There is a security camera fitted to the smart doorbell.

Once you see who the visitor, you choose your reactions with regard to interacting with them. This is a lot better than the peephole in many ways. For starters, you do not have to walk to the door to peep. Also, you are able to see more than the peephole would allow.

Here is a guide to help you learn how to link ring to Google Home and use it effectively.

1. The Fundamentals of Installation

Your Smart doorbells can either be wired, powered by a battery or both. The wired option will use you’re the present doorbell’s wiring for power. The battery-powered come with battery packs that can be recharged. Your choice of doorbell will dictate where it can be installed and how.

If you opt to wire with your existing wiring, you will need a couple of wires or three to get connected.

  • Turn off the power to your doorbell
  • Pry the screw holding the existing wire loose
  • Remove that wire and wind the new one around the screw
  • Screw the screw back in

With Ring, you do not have the small issue of wondering where each wire goes. Alternatively, forget about wiring and go the battery powered option. All that is needed here is to recharge the battery and remember to change the battery every second or third month. Keep an eye on the battery levels.

2. Installing Notifications

The beauty of Ring is it sends notifications to your mobile device whenever someone:

  • Approaches your home
  • Pushes the knob or button on your doorbell

This gives you enough time to check out and prepare for the visitor. You are also able to act on their presence depending on whether they are intruders or friendly callers.

Ring comes with Motion and Ring alerts that you can customize. The Motion Alerts send a notification to your phone the moment your smart camera detects motion. Ring Alerts send notifications when the doorbell is pushed. The smart display allows you to see your visitor.

3. Link to Your Home Hub

You can connect your doorbell to your Google Home to be able to see who is at your front-door. The front-door the camera on your TV gives you a nice view of the activity at your entrance. It also allows you to use the smart hub to answer the door remotely.

Use Alexa to activate Ring and set it up via the Alexa app. Here is how you connect doorbell to hub with your Google Home:

  • Tap the Google Home app to open
  • Tap ‘Add’ then ‘Set up new device’ and finally ‘Have something already set up?’
  • Choose Ring from the list of devices
  • Follow the instructions to pair the devices
  • Tap ‘Allow’ then ‘Done’
  • Open Google Home app
  • Choose ‘Home’ then ‘Doorbell’, ‘Settings’ and finally ‘Name’
  • Name your doorbell, then Save

4. Add Users to Ring

You will need to share access if you have others living with you. Here’s how:

From menu, choose ‘Settings’

Tap the + icon in the right-hand corner of the screen

Key in the email address of the person you are adding

Tap ‘Assign Role’

Choose from Owner, Shared User or Guest User

Tap ‘Send Invite’

5. Modify Motion-Detection

To avoid constant alerts even from activity not close to your home, you can modify motion-detection sensitivity. You can set up Ring pro Zones by following these steps:

Open the app and tap on motion settings

Set the slider between ‘People Only’ and ‘All Activity’

Alternatively, choose ‘Motion Zones’ and draw a box around the area Ring should focus on.

6. Protect your footage

Your smart doorbell can record footage of burglars trying to break into your home or stealing packages off your porch. To save the footage, you can pay a small fee to have it stored in the cloud. With Ring, you can sign up for a video recording plan to store such footage.


Learning how to link ring to Google Home is pertinent to safety in your home. You are equipped with skills to help you boost your family’s safety. It is worth the peace of mind.

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