You have invested in a Google Home device and you like the absolutely amazing features. However, have you figured out how to use Google Mini as a Bluetooth speaker? You may have realized that your smart speaker comes with the ability to play songs online.

To begin with, you must enable an array of third-party abilities on Alexa. Once this is done, Google Home gives you an Amazing musical experience. This is because it works with almost all the major streaming applications that will allow you to cast.

In addition, Google Home can also be a speaker; to be precise, a Bluetooth speaker. You do not even have to connect to the Wi-Fi or enable Guest mode. This feature allows you to turn Google Home device into a speaker in a few short steps.

There is nothing complex about using your Google Home Mini to play music in your home. Here’s how to use Google Home Mini as Bluetooth speaker to play music via your Google Home device.

1. Set up Bluetooth Pairing 

To enable Bluetooth pairing, follow these simple steps:

  • Tap on the three-dot menu on the devices corner located at the upper-right corner of your Google Home app
  • Choose settings
  • Scroll down to ‘Enable Pairing Mode’ which is inside the ‘Paired Bluetooth Device Settings and tap on that

You are allowed to pair as many smartphones as you want any time. In spite of that, you can play songs on only one device. You will, therefore, not have a cacophony of different songs from everyone in the house whose device is connected.

2. Search for Your Device 

Your mobile device should be able to connect to the Google Home device once it is switched on. See how you enable the pairing mode with other Bluetooth devices? That is what you do in this instance. It is as simple and direct as that.

3. Connect to Your Bluetooth Device and Play Your Favourite Music

You have searched for your device and paired it. It is now possible to play your favourite saved songs. You can also access you must-see YouTube videos as well as podcasts. Also, you can use voice commands to control your Google Home device’s playback. All you need to do is request Google to enable Bluetooth pairing and hey presto! You are good to go!

Moreover, your device allows you to adjust and balance the Treble and Bass of your smart speaker. You find the Equalizer which enables you to balance sound and change the settings to your satisfaction.

4. Unpairing Your Connected Devices 

This is also a straightforward process. All you have to do is find a wee X located at the upper-right corner on the specific device’s card. Tap on that and your device is unpaired.

5. Google Home Device’s Shortcuts

You can also access the features you need via Google Home’s shortcuts. These can be found under ‘More Settings’ which is located in the left menu in the Google Home app. It allows you to replace lengthy and complicated voice commands with brief and simple ones.

For instance, instead uttering a whole sentence as a command, the shortcut allows you use just one word. Moreover, you can feed the device with your preferred phrases via the shortcut. The device will recognize the customized commands and respond to them appropriately.

For instance, if you need some music for your morning workouts, you could simply say “workout”. Your favourite workout music instantly plays and you can get your exercise in in the ambiance you prefer. This actually motivates you to keep to your workout routine.

6. Google Home Mini Makes Hosting So Much Easier and Fun 

If you are fond of throwing parties for friends and family in your home, Google Home Mini has you covered for music. You can make great use of your smart speakers here and impress your guests at the same time. Furthermore, it is a nice way to show off your playlist.

All you need for your speakers is a power cable and a Wi-Fi network. This certainly makes your life a lot easier. You do not have to hire a disk jockey for your parties. You can even request for specific songs depending on the mood you want to create. One word will get your favourite workout song playing.


The concept of the smart home is real and has been experienced by many homeowners. When you know how to use Google Mini as a Bluetooth speaker, your music needs are met. Also, you are able to perform your routine activities much better.

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