Spotify is an excellent digital service that streams music and allows access to millions of podcasts, videos, and songs globally. Spotify appeals to many people because of the ability to access free content by signing up via an email address or Facebook account. To utilize your Google Home better, this article will show you how to link Google Home to Spotify. Enjoy seamless music streaming by just giving a voice command to your Google Home.

Can You Download Music via Spotify?

You cannot download music on Spotify, but with Spotify Premium, you can set it in such a way that music is available offline. The essence of Spotify offline mode is to give you access to your music when you want to conserve data or if you are in an area with no internet access.

Spotify Premium allows you up to 10,000 songs while in offline mode, and on at least five devices. To download songs to offline mode, switch the toggle switch adjacent to 'Download' on the album or song you wish to download. Alternatively, on the top right, you can click on those three dots and select download.

How to Link Google Home to Spotify

You can control Spotify using voice commands on Google Home without needing to subscribe to the paid premium service. Whether you choose to subscribe to the paid service or not, you can still link your Google Home to Spotify in a few steps.

After successfully linking your Spotify to Google Home, you are at liberty to ask it to stream your favorite music using your voice. You can control Spotify on your Android phone or tablet using Google Assistant.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Download the Google Home App
  • Open the Google Home app and in the top-left corner, tap on the menu
  • Select Account Preferences
  • Tap on Linked media accounts
  • Tap on Spotify and tap on 'Link account.'
  • Log into your Spotify account, or create one by tapping on 'Sign up to Spotify.' After signing up, you have to repeat the account linking process from the start.
  • Tap OK

How to Make Spotify Your Default Player on Google Home

If you want to, you can make Spotify your default player on Google Home, so you do not need to specify every time "On Spotify" whenever you give a voice command. Google Home gives you an option to make Spotify your default player. Just say yes when prompted to do so. Here is how to make Spotify your default player:

  • Go to the Google Home app, tap on the top-left corner on the menu.
  • Select Music
  • Choose Spotify. This sets it as your default music player

Which Google Assistant Commands are Compatible with Spotify?

Say "OK Google" and then say either:

  • "Play my Discover Weekly on Spotify"
  • "Play some classical music on Spotify."
  • "Turn up or down the volume on Spotify."
  • "Pause this song on Spotify," etc.

Spotify Connect and Google Home

Spotify Connect enables you to stream your music through various Wi-Fi connected devices such as Google Home, Vera, or EZLO home controllers. This means you can listen to music in different places and using more than one device.

Spotify connect offers you an option to control the music you play on your account. If you stream to speakers in your bedroom via your phone, you can use the phone as a remote to control the volume or change tracks.

How to Troubleshoot After Following Instructions on How to Link Spotify to Google Home

If you have linked your Spotify to Google Home, yet it does not work, you have to disconnect the account, and then relink it. Follow these steps:

  • In the top-left corner of the Google Home app, tap on the menus
  • Tap on Account Preferences and select Linked Media accounts
  • Remove the Spotify app
  • Restart your Google Home app and navigate back to Linked media accounts
  • Tap on Spotify, select Link Account and Log in to Spotify
  • Select OK


Spotify is an excellent way to stream music online via your Google Home devices. The fact that you can store up to 10,000 songs in offline mode means you can download playlists, which you can listen to later. Linking Spotify to Google Home allows you to use your mobile device as a remote control, and you can choose playlists, turn the volume up and down, or stop the music.

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