I bet you want to keep motivated throughout your day. Not only do you want to wake up and find your coffee already brewed by Google Home, but you also want to regulate the temperatures of your room in the morning.

A great day starts in the morning and this is what Google Home has for you. You are about to learn how to setup morning routine on Google Home and how this is crucial in making your day a success.

First Steps on How to Setup Morning Routine on Google Home

You must get your actions ready with Good Morning Routine in Your Google Home app. First, open your Google Home app. On the main screen, tap on Settings. This takes you to a long list with options such as General, Features and Services, Google Assistant services, Home history. Now tap on More settings under Google Assistant services.

After that, tap on Assistant where you will come across features such as Languages, Assistant Voice, Home control, Routines, Email updates. Click on Routines—multiple actions with one command.

Routines enables you to carry out a lot of things with just a command. Routines can be customized or created from scratch. On the Routines menu, you will see ready-made routines such as Good morning, I’m home, Commuting home. Tap on “Good morning”.

Good Morning Actions That Will Prepare You for A Great Day

The default command is When where you tell Google Home Assistant what actions to undertake by stating—I say, “Good morning” or “Tell me about my day” or “I’m up.” You can edit commands in Good morning routine on the Google Home app. This you can do by tapping on continuing arrow which is available in the Commands menu under “When.” You make changes by customizing your own command through the + Add option.

Scrolling downwards you can see the actions menu. Here the app communicates with Google Assistant. The Google Assistant—in your smart home devices such as a smart thermostat, smart speakers, smart plugs, smart lights—

1. adjust your devices, for example;

  • Adjust lights, plugs and more: Through this, you can program your plug to brew your coffee at a particular, besides other services.
  • Adjust thermostat: For example, you can program for your room to be warmed in the morning.
  • Adjust media volume
  • Adjust scenes

2. tell you what you request for, like;

  • Tell me today’s reminders: reminders ensure you start your day on toes; you don’t forget what actions you will perform throughout your day.
  • Tell me about my commute: Morning routine allows you to add places you frequently visit or travel to. Here, you can set where you would like to visit as soon as you wake up in the morning. Through this, you can control places you visit in a day in pursuit to keep you as focused as possible for that day.
  • Tell me about weather: When planning your day—as soon as you wake up in the morning—you may need to plan with the weather so that you don’t encounter unnecessary interruptions in your daily routines—as a result of weather changes.

The above settings are a Must-Know as you plan on How to Setup Morning Routine on Google Home. They ensure your day is planned as early as possible. This sees into it that your workday stays on course throughout the day.

Google Home allows you to add more actions by clicking the + Add action link. This enables you to Enter command or Browse popular actions are well categorized into Home control, Plan your day, communication (for example Send a text, Read unread text), Your devices (adjust media volume, take phone off silent, and put phone on silent) and Custom responses where you are able to Say something

Learn How to Setup Morning Routine on Google Home via ‘Play’

Towards the end of the Morning routine menu, you see what Google Assistant should play when it has finished the execution of your morning routine. This allows you to play your motivational podcasts, music, news or favorite Radio station. Isn’t this a fabulous way to start your day? Again, you have the option of telling your Google Home to play Nothing.


Your journey to success is unstoppable if you involve Google Home at the start of your day. All you to have is knowing How to Setup Morning Routine on Google Home—which you have just learned— and you will see a positive turn of your life! Which is more? It is time to go and implement what you have just learned.

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