Google Home isn't your typical digital assistant. Besides reading weather reports, news, controlling other devices, and setting alarms, you can now use Google Home Mini as a speaker. In 2018, Google announced that it was adding a Bluetooth pairing feature to its Google devices. And by the end of the 2018, Google honored their promise by pushing a software update for all their Google Home smart speakers. With the new features, you are no longer limited to what you can do with your Google Mini device. In this guide, you will learn how to use Google Home Mini as a speaker so that you can stream your favorite music from any device.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Using the Google Home App

You'll set up your Google Home Mini to operate as a speaker in two basic processes. The primary strategy includes utilizing the Google Home app that you just downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Keep in mind that when using the Google Home app, you must be on the same Wi-Fi arrangement as your Google Home Mini for it to work.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Step 1

Download the Google Home app from either the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Once you've downloaded the Google Home app, launch it, and sign in with your account. You can already use your existing Gmail address or quickly register a new Gmail address on Google. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to create a Google account.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Step 2

Once your Google Home account is set up, tap on 'Devices' in the right-hand corner. If you've got an issue finding "Gadgets," explore for a small symbol that looks like a little speaker, and tap on it.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Step 3

When you tap the 'Devices' icon, you will find a list of Google Home devices in your home. Click on the one device you want to pair with. In our case, look for Google Home Mini smart speaker.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Step 4

Now, still on the right-hand corner, tap on the three dots to reveal a short menu that includes settings, Guest mode, and Reboot. Tap on 'settings' to reveal another quick list and scroll down to 'paired Bluetooth devices.' Now, tap on pairing mode at the bottom right.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Step 5

Once you have selected pairing mode, your Google home mini is now ready to connect with other devices. If you are using a smartphone, go to Bluetooth settings, enable your phone's Bluetooth and search for nearby devices. The Google Home Mini smart speaker will appear among the visible devices. Select the Google Home Mini smart speaker, and pairing will happen instantly. You can now listen to all your favorite music on Google Home speaker.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Pairing Using Voice

Alternatively, you can pair your Google Home speaker by just issuing voice commands to the Google Assistant. With this method, you don't have to go through the hassle of downloading and setting up your Bluetooth devices manually. Here's how to use Google Home Mini as a speaker by issuing voice commands to your digital assistant.

How to Use Google Home Mini as a Speaker: Checking Pairing Status

Before you link new devices to your Google Home Mini speaker, you should check whether Bluetooth is active. To check the pairing status, say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google," followed by:

"Is Bluetooth Connected?"

"Is Bluetooth active?"

"Is Bluetooth paired?"

In case the Bluetooth is inactive, say "Alright Google, enable Bluetooth pairing." You'll be able presently go ahead and pair the Google Home Mini speaker with your device (smartphone, iPad, tablet, or even computer). You can also ask the Google assistant to do other things such as clearing all the combined gadgets by saying, "Hey Google, cleared all devices."

Google Home smart devices provide variety ways to get information, listen to music, and automate various household tasks. Google Home smart speakers also come with a bonus of controlling other devices at home. The best thing is that they are compatible with devices from other companies such as Samsung, Logitech, and Nest.

The abilities of Google Home devices continue to expand. Besides, you can now configure your Google Home speaker with your voice. You don't need to be tech-savvy. Google Assistant can actually teach you how to use Google Home Mini as a speaker.

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