If you are like most Google Home users, then you probably only use the voice assistant for simple online queries and shopping. However, Google Home is capable of so many other things that you are probably missing out on. You can link to popular services like Pandora, Deezer, Netflix, Duo and even use it to control your home tv. This short guide will show you how to link Google Home to tv if you haven’t done so already.

Connect Google To Tv- Here Is What You Are Missing

Here are some of the features you might unlock when you link Google Home to your tv:

  • You get the ability to control your tv with the assistant- Imagine saying “Hey Google, turn on the Tv” or “Ok Google, open Netflix and resume the last show I was watching.” Pretty cool right?
  • Integrate your tv to other smart devices – smart home cameras, smart sound systems, your phones and tablets, doorbell; all these devices can be linked to the tv via Google Home with the right setup.
  • Use Google home to schedule your favourite tv shows for supported smart TVs
  • Stream any video or audio to your tv using Google Home speaker via Google Cast.

These and many other features not mentioned should get you excited about linking Google Home to your tv. You’ll also be happy to know that major tv brands like Samsung, Sony, TCL, LG, XIAOMI, and many others support Google Home integration

Those that also to run android tv as their OS support core Google Home integration. This allows you to control many features and apps than you would with other TVs.

With that out of the way, the question then remains how to link Google Home to your home tv. Here is a step by step guide for you:

How to Link Google Home to Tv- Step by Step


  1. Just to be clear from the word go, you will need a Google Home device that is fully set up and ready to go. It could be a Google Home Mini, Google Home Max or any of the other third-party Google Home companion devices out there.
  2. Obviously, you also need to have the official Google Home app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Grab it from the app store or Google play if you don’t have it already and set up Google Home first before you proceed. You can refer to the Google home set up guide on this site for this.
  3. Lastly, you may need a Chromecast device connected to your tv if it’s not a smart tv or doesn’t have Chromecast, android tv, or does not support Google Home integration.

Follow the following steps to connect Google Home to tv. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Google Home App- The Setup Process 

Connect your tv or Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home.

Launch your Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet and locate the hamburger button (three horizontally arranged buttons) and tap on it then select settings then TVs and speakers. You will see a list of devices that you’ve paired to Google Home on your current smart home network.

Tap the plus (+) button to add a new device, in this case, your tv. Look for your tv or Chromecast on the list of unconfigured or unpaired compatible devices that show up.

Select your tv and tap next to link it to Google home. You will be asked to confirm that the code generated and displayed on the app is similar to the one that is showing on the tv screen. Select yes to continue to the next step.

Next, you may be asked to agree to Google’s user agreement regarding allowing access to your tv for Google services. Read the agreement and agree to it. You can also agree to share usage data with Google on the next screen. Google uses data collected from end-user devices to improve their services.

Your tv or Chromecast should be successfully linked to Google home at this point. Congratulations! You have successfully linked Google Home to your Tv.

Linking Your Tv To Google Home- How to Use It 

Using Google Home to control or cast media to your tv is easy. Just make sure you have linked the services you want to use. For instance, you must link Pandora, Netflix, or any other service (including cameras and other compatible smart home devices) to Google Home.

You can instruct Google home to stream your favorite show on Netflix to your tv using a command like “OK Google, play Narcos on Chromecast” or “Ok Google, play -insert song- on my tv.”

How to Change Google Home Wifi

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