For audiobook lovers, Audible is the best shopping platform. To hear your favorite audiobooks clearly, you need to know how to play Audible on Google Home if that is what you own as a smart speaker.

Different people buy Google Home for different reasons. Some use it as a digital assistant while others use it to spice up parties and life in their house. Now, you can also use it to advance yourself by getting it to stream your favorite audiobooks.

There are three main ways in which you can play Audible on a Google Home Speaker. They include:

Playing via Bluetooth 

Bluetooth has existed in phones long before smartphones appeared in the market. As such, it is the most basic connection to your phone and any smart device. Google Home has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to your phone quickly and easily.

There are two ways in which you can get your smartphone and your Google Home to connect via Bluetooth. The first and most common way is by voice command as Google Home is mostly voice-controlled. Command your Google Home Speaker to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth.

With your audiobooks playing on your phone, once the connection is established, you will find it much better booming from your Google Home.

Secondly, you can download the Google Home app onto your phone. From the app, navigate until you are able to connect your phone and your Google Home via Bluetooth. Open your Audible app on your phone, and you can enjoy your favorite audiobook while you carry out chores in your house or while resting.

Playing via the Google Home App 

Another way to play Audible on Google Home is by downloading the Google Home App. Mobile apps are easy and convenient to use. The Google Home app is available for both Android and iOS app stores.

To play your audiobooks on Google Home via its app, you need to have both your phone and Google Home on the same Wi-Fi network. This ensures that they are able to communicate and connect to each other quickly.

Start playing your current audiobook. On the Google Home app, enable it to cast the audio that is playing on your phone. Confirm that you want to cast from your phone, and, just like that, your audiobook is coming through your Google Home speakers.

Upload your audiobooks to the Google Play Music app 

Google Play Music is the default Google music player app and thus is found in all Google devices and works naturally. To use this music player, ensure that your books are in a compatible format, for example, MP3. This ensures that your audiobooks will be played with ease by your Google Home speaker.

There exist different software that you can use to convert your audiobooks to formats that are compatible with the Google Play Music app.

Once you have uploaded your audiobooks to this app, you can download them to enable offline playing. This means that you do not have to have an internet connection to listen to your audiobooks. For outdoorsy people, this is perfect when you are deep in nature and need to listen to your favorite audiobook.

Why you should get yourself a Google Home 


The Google Home smart device is highly affordable. With this device, you do not have to break your bank to get a smart speaker into your house.

Easy to use

The Google Home speaker is among the easiest smart devices to use. It only needs to be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. Going forward, you do not even need to touch it. All you need is your voice. Give voice commands, and it will do as you command.

Comes with a mobile app

If you don’t want to use your voice to control your smart speaker, you can always download its mobile app. With the mobile app, you can do everything with the swipe of your finger. You will conserve your energy as you will not have to shout commands at a speaker.


With Google Home, you are able to enjoy your ideal entertainment in the best way you know how. You can play your audiobooks either online or offline as long as you convert them to the correct format to ensure they can play via the Google Play Music app.

Now you know how to play Audible on Google Home.

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