How to Play Music from Phone to Home Theater System via USB?

Technology has made it easy to make communication among various devices—at the same time—possible. The home theater is one large system that makes your entertainment possible. Apart from watching movies, you can enjoy your music. Yes, enjoy your music!

Enjoying your music may mean you stream your music directly from your phone to your home theater system. Is this really possible? Yes, it is. Let’s see how to play music from phone to home theater system via USB.

First, you need to check if the TV—home theater system—has USB ports. Again, you need to keep in mind that most USB ports are one-way traffic; they are set for one thing not the other. The ports are mostly for inserting a pen drive. Meaning, phones are not accepted, because this would require the driver to be in a position to communicate with the device.

In most cases, the communication between the driver and the device is for a specific reason—either for accepting music or movie in the right format then giving output while other USB ports are just for taking a pen drive for the sole purpose of software updates or servicing.

In most cases, electronic devices which share a brand easily communicate. For example, a 4G Samsung phone easily connects to a Samsung television via USB data cable.

Here is how the connection works;

Method 1 on How to Play Music from Phone to Home Theater System via USB 

In the USB port of your LED, connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port of the TV. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the phone. Switch on the TV. As the TV turns on, turn the switching from AV 1 to Media.

On clicking Media on the screen, a menu comprising of PHOTO, MUSIC, MOVIE, and TEXT, will appear on your left-hand side facing the screen. The other side of the screen should show the detected SD of your phone. If not, we need to ensure the connection is made possible from the end of the phone.

Move to the Settings of your phone. Click on “About” then move to “Software Info.” Once in the Software Info, severally click on “Build number” until a message that states, “You are now a developer,” pops up. Revert to “Developer Options” of the setting’s menu. Turn on the Developer Options by clicking on “On”. Further downwards on Developer Options, turn on Debugging.

Back on the screen of your TV, you should see the SD card of your phone displayed. If not, turn on Storage in the settings section on your phone. Check back if your phone’s SD card has been displayed on your TV screen. By clicking on the SD card, it takes you straight to your phone’s storage. From there you can access your songs and play directly in your home theater.

Alternative Method on How to Play Music from Phone to Home Theater System via USB 

In case your electronic devices are not of the same brand, you can still connect your phone to the home theater system via USB. However, this time around, you will need to introduce a laptop and an HDMI cable to your list of requirements.

In the About section of your phone’s Settings, click on Software Info then click severally on Build Number until the “You are now a developer” message pops up. Return to Settings and turn on Developer options. On the same menu, enable USB Debugging.

From your laptop, plug the USB cable into your phone and turn the phone on. Open your browser and download an application called MirrorGO by searching “” You should download the file despite the security warning displayed. Install the downloaded file by clicking on “Custom Install,” then “Start Now” followed by “Here we go.” Under the “Choose device” option, you should see the name of your phone. Select it.

Use the HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV. On the TV screen, you will see both your phone and the laptop. This means the connection is complete and you can access your phone’s apps and storage.

Moving Forward, 

Once the connection is complete, you can now play music from your phone to the home theater via USB. You can do this by either playing music on your phone’s SD card (storage) or in another app such as YouTube.

That’s it. Enjoy your music!

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