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Play TV Sound through Google Home

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Google Home offers superior sound quality that, in some cases, outperforms standard TV speakers. The inbuilt stereo speakers offer deeper bases as compared to normal tv speakers and can get loud. Would you like to know how to play Tv sound through Google Home? Read on to find out.

How to Play TV Sound Through Google Home

Google Home -Which One Should You Buy?

The Google Home Hub is best if you want a full-featured hub that has a display. However, this one may not be the ideal choice if you want to play music on your tv. The same goes for the Google Mini hub, which is ideal as a standalone voice assistant that you can also take with you wherever you go.

For superior sound quality that can replace your TV speakers, go for the Google Home Max (Google’s largest smart speaker to date) or the main Google Home (the cylinder). They both have a better speaker setup with 360-degree directional sound and recording. However, you can still play Tv sound through Google Home hub or Google Home Mini if that’s what you have at the moment.

Another interesting but somewhat weird option is to pair two Google Home Mini speakers and use them to play stereo sound from your tv. The Google Home App allows you to connect a pair of Google speakers and have them play the same sound. They are not that expensive anyway, so it’s worth a try. You could even have the two speakers in different rooms if your Wi-Fi coverage is good enough! 

Play Tv Sound Through Google Home

How to Play TV Sound Through Google Home? - Step-by-Step Setup Guide


To play TV sound using Google Home, you need to have connected the TV to Google Home in the first place.  Adding your TV to Google Home allows you to control the tv via the Google Home voice assistant or Google Home App.  

Also, your TV must be compatible with Google Home for it to work seamlessly with Google Home.  Most Android TV sets from popular brands like Sony, LG, TCL, Hitachi, and others can integrate seamlessly with Google Home.

Common network- Ensure that your TV and Google Home are connected to a common Wi-Fi network.

Adding Your Tv To Google Home Speakers

Step 1- Launch the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. You should have already set up Google Home with the Home app for this to work (initial setup). If you’ve just bought the Google Home speaker, you might want to do the initial setup process first using the guides on this website or on the user manual that came in the box.

Step 2- Locate the settings icon on the app and tap/ select it to launch settings, 

Step 3- Locate the option named” Google assistant services” in the menu (Near the bottom) and select Devices, then add the plus button (+).

Step 4- Wait for Google Home to search for devices within your Wi-Fi network that can be added. Once it’s done, locate your tv in the list of discovered devices and check it then select add. Your TV will now be added to Google home. You can start issuing commands via Google Home to the TV. 

Setting Google Home to Play TV Sound- Preferred Media Playback Device

This may or may not work depending on the TV you're currently using. However, most android TVs or those with Chromecast built-in can stream sound to Google Home. You can moreover select other smart speakers within your Wi-Fi network in case you need to redirect TV sound to them instead.

Step 1- Launch the Google Home App and locate the settings button on the home screen

Step 2- Locate the Device settings menu items and tap on them. Next, tap on “Default Music Speaker”. 

Step 3- Google Home will list the available speakers, including the Google Home speaker in your network. Select it and save. 

Final Step- You need to choose the default TV if you have got more than one TV on your network. Locate the TV you want to play its sound through Google Home and select it at that point save.

 Now you can ask Google Home to play any media on the selected speaker you set in the previous steps Google Home speaker).

You can use Google Home to do many other cool DIY smart home things besides audio. You can use it to read the weather, and audiobooks, control Netflix, and other services on your tv, as a virtual assistant/planner, and so much more.

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