iHome Speaker Pairing your Device: How to set up iHome Speaker with Bluetooth

Innovation has continued to advance in recent years, and nowadays, you can connect various devices with ease.

Let's discuss how to set up iHome speakers with Bluetooth.

Understanding iHome history

The iHome Speaker Bluetooth was launched in 2005 as a branch of SDI technologies.

SDI technologies take pride in having more than 60 years of experience in the innovation of consumer electronics.

The inaugural iHome product was an iPod-docking clock radio, which ended up being the highest-selling iPod accessory of the year.

It would later establish iHome as an exclusive brand in the audio accessories market. iHome is still the top-selling digital speaker player brand, offering a collection of outstanding products.

iHome Speaker: Diverse Products

iHome has evolved and today offers a wide range of products that include: clock radios, alarm clocks, home audio systems, portable speakers, and headphones.

Furthermore, you'll find accredited tablets, smartphones, and smart home products. iHome is compatible with Android and Apple portable gadgets.

The brand's inaugural product is the iHome iSP5, which comes with a smart plug.

It was a collaboration with the HomeKit innovative residential program from Apple. iHome has collaborated with Settle, Google, Wink, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple to supply the wide web of things stage compatibility inside the industry.

Understanding How To Set Up iHome Speaker With Bluetooth

iHome offers basic software to facilitate the configuration of Wi-Fi for its AirPlay Audio products. iHome provides essential links to reinforce resources located at assistance/iW1 with initiating info.

Before you Begin

Your wireless system should come in handy to enable the A2DP Bluetooth profile to collaborate with the iHome iDM12.

A big percentage of the latest computers and smartphones with essential wireless performance can assist.

For the proper details about your product, check the data included within the wireless gadget's guide.

One of the best strategies you can use to configure the wireless pairing is the gadget's setup function.

Understanding Pairing: How to Connect iHome Speaker with Bluetooth?

Pairing is the concept of connecting two wireless products for the first time.

This creates a unique link for your products, enabling gadgets to see and communicate with one another.

Pairing and how to connect iHome Bluetooth Speaker with the Idm12

To effectively execute this process, ensure that your wireless system is fully charged before switching it on.

To activate the wireless option, turn on the iDM12q from the back. Push and hold the power button until a green light appears.

Turn on the Bluetooth alternative on your Bluetooth contraption. Remember, you'll get Bluetooth commands from the gadget's settings or devices menu. Activate Bluetooth network to guarantee that your contraption is visible.

Press and hold the Pause/Play/Pairing button situated at the top of the unit to activate the pairing mode in your iDM12 gadget.

Release once the iDM12 amber light flashes and produces a beep sound.

Select "setup Bluetooth device" or "add a new Bluetooth device" on your gadget. It will begin to search.

If your iHome Bluetooth speaker won't pair either; time out or fail after three minutes, the iDM 12 will automatically shut off. Attempt to switch it on once more and restart the pairing process.

Once the iDM12 and your gadget have connected, a "Pairing Successful" message will appear on your gadget.

The amber light on the iDM12 will stop flickering and instead radiate firmly before changing to green.

If your gadget requests a passcode, proceed to enter 1234.

On some gadgets such as computers, you will need to choose the iDM12 from the Bluetooth menu once the pairing process is complete before choosing "Use as Audio Device (stereo)"

The pairing will be disconnected when the Bluetooth gadget or the iDM12 is switched off or taken 30 feet out of the link range.

To re-institute an active connection once your Bluetooth gadget gets back inside run, press the Pause/Play/Pairing button.

After that, each time the iDM12 is exchanged on, it will try to re-institute a link automatically with the recently connected Bluetooth gadget.

What can you do if your gadget wasn't last linked to the iDM12 or isn't compatible with auto-linking?

In this case, you should manually reconnect by choosing iDM12 from the Bluetooth gadget's menu on your Bluetooth gadget by pushing the Pause/Play/Pairing button on the iDM12.


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