Smart homes are pretty much the biggest thing we expect this decade. In fact, a recent survey indicated that most people would adopt this technology soon.

And why not? Who doesn’t want a home that works for you, even when you’re not around? All you need is your smartphone and boom; you can control the entire house.

What's more, home automation isn't as complicated as it sounds. For instance, for automated lighting, you need only know, how to set up Philips hue with google home!

As exciting as this new tech sounds, the home automation brand you choose for the automation plays a vital role in the success of your system.

Below, we look into five things to consider when choosing your home automation solutions brand.

1. Security and protection

The ‘smart’ technology has been received with a ton of mixed reactions. However, most people have whole-heartedly embraced it, terming it as the future. They are not wrong.

However, smart homes, despite being a haven for convenience, bear with it a significant risk.


With the rise and advancement of cybercrimes, connecting all your smart home gadgets in one network doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Therefore, if you need to adopt this technology, you need to get a good home automation brand for the job. What type of protocols do they use? What about their connectivity?

Brands like Vera and Ezlo have the best home automation systems in this industry. Vera uses different protocols like z-wave plus, ZigBee, wi-fi and Bluetooth. Ezlo, its manufacturer is no different.

For connectivity, both Vera and Ezlo work on their own frequencies, allowing better security, fewer congestions and interruptions of devices.

2. Interoperability

IoT is designed to enable the interconnection of various devices, allowing them to work as one system. Smart homes work the same way.

Different home automation systems can control a different number of devices at a time. Your system can automate the lighting, entertainment system, thermostat, security sensors, among others.

Therefore, you need to understand the capacity of your system.

Also, a good automation system should not only manage multiple devices, but it should also have a user-friendly interface and be easy to control. By simply knowing how to set up Philips hue with google home, your automated lighting system should work.

Vera and Ezlo give you the option to access as many appliances as you wish to your home. Moreover, unlike other brands, their systems can work with devices from any manufacturer!

3. Energy-saving technique of the home automation system

The biggest benefit of a smart home is the convenience it offers. You don't have to walk all the way upstairs just to switch off the light, or a speaker.

From the comfort of your smartphone, you can control your lighting or sound system.

When a lamp is on, and it's not in use, you can turn it off even from your office. This results in a significant reduction in your power usage and subsequently, energy costs.

Some home automation brands, however, are incompatible with different devices hence hindering their control. Yet, with Ezlo innovations and Vera, you're in total control of the devices.

Moreover, the system comes fitted with back-up batteries for power protection when AC is out. This helps protect your devices.

4. Professional services

After installing your system, services such as monitoring and maintenance are crucial for your home. You can have the best system, but without these services, you'll be susceptible to security threats and leaks.

The brand you choose for the installation should, therefore, offer such services.

Vera and Ezlo are known to offer the best professional services. They’ve been in the industry for a long time and have a proven track record for quality services.

Vera offers professional monitoring services, at no monthly cost, alerting you when something’s wrong with your system.

Their customer support is also available for questions and problem resolutions.

5. Expandability and upgradability of the automation system

It's fair to say that smart home technology will drastically change over the next decade. As such, your automation system should possess some upgradability and expandability features.

Choose a system using several protocols, numerous user-interfaces, and one that receives updates regularly. Your manufacturer should update the system in line with the changes in technology.

Most of all, your system should be compatible with new products or open to expansion for better products.

Overall, Vera and Ezlo have kept this in mind with their system. From our research, they have the best software for your smart home.


Ezlo innovations has, over the years, proven to be the solution for all smart home problems. Their innovation, Vera, is proof enough of their competence and quality.

Their system not only covers your convenience but also security, expandability and upgradability, interoperations and professional services.

When looking for a home automation system, you can never go wrong with Vera and Ezlo innovations.

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