Smart home technology is all the rage today. It is also known as home automation, or domotics, which stems from the Latin word “Domus” which means home. We will give you tips on how to change Wi-Fi network on Google Home, which is an innovative personal assistant, and an excellent way to connect your smart home devices.

Home automation provides your home with convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Home automation allows you to control smart devices on home controllers such as Vera or eZLO, or via smart home apps on your phone or tablet, which is the internet, enabled. Intelligent home systems operate with smart devices and share consumer data while automating actions of your choice

Once you connect all your devices on Google home, you can easily control them from your smartphone or tablet using the Google Home app, or even better, with your voice via simple commands. The Google Assistant can give you news or weather updates, find your favorite song on Spotify or play a movie on Netflix. For Google Home to perform these tasks, you need to connect it to Wi-Fi.

If you had already connected to Wi-Fi and need to change the Wi-Fi network for various reasons, here is how to change Wi-Fi network on Google Home.

How to Change Wi-Fi Network on Your Google Home

  1. On your Android or iPhone, open the Google Home app
  2. Tap on your Google Home device’s name
  3. In the upper right corner of your screen, tap the settings cog
  4. On the list of options, tap Wi-Fi at the bottom
  5. Tap on “Forget This Network”
  6. You will be taken to the Google apps’ home screen, where you can proceed to set up Google Home

How to Set Up Google Home

If you have forgotten how to set up Google Home, here is a reminder:

  1. Plug your Google Home device in the room you want it to be located in
  2. Download the Google Home app on your phone. An Android version is available on Google Play and an iOS version via the App Store
  3. Create a Google account, or log in to an already existent one
  4. Ensure your phone or tablet is using the same Wi-Fi network that you will connect your Home device
  5. On the Google app’s home screen, tap on “Add,” then select “Set up device.”
  6. Select the “Set up new devices in your home.” This option has a small house icon next to it
  7. The app automatically scans for new plugged in and ready for setting up Google Home devices. When your device is found, tap on “Next.” Your app will attempt to connect to the Google device and will prompt you to confirm the connection by asking if you heard any sound playing on your Google Home device.
  8. Choose the room where you want to set up the device, and the W-Fi network you want to join

How to Set Up Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial but intelligent assistant that is programmed into all Google Home devices. This is the assistant responsible for all your news and weather updates, etc.

  1. After you choose the room you want your Google device located, the screen that follows is an agreement asking if you agree to the terms and conditions. Select “Next.”
  2. You will get an option asking you to customize your Google Assistant experience by Voice Match activation. This teaches Google Assistant recognition of your voice. You do not have to enable this feature, but it is excellent for security purposes. If you do not activate voice recognition, anyone who gains access to your Google Home device can access your data, and your home, since the Assistant is not voice coded

If you wish to, you can either switch off Google Assistant or disable it by deactivating the support button. This way, you can access the Assistant via your phone, but not the home button


Living in a smart home is super convenient, and home automation makes your home more secure. Nobody can access your home once you have activated voice recognition. If you move houses or need to change your Wi-Fi provider, you can always change the Wi-Fi network on your Google Home by following a few simple instructions.

Home automation is the future. Most of our homes in days to come will be automated. An automated home leaves us free to perform other chores while we give commands such as lock doors, turn on the T.V, etc.

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