The world is evolving rapidly. Today, advanced technologies such as the internet of things are facilitating the linkage of physical objects to the digital realm.

If you can access Google Assistant from your iOS or Android gadget, you may not know how powerful your gadgets are.

Google Assistant is a robust app that can ease the process of controlling your home.

Currently, all you need to initiate home automation is to connect your smart gadgets with Google Assistant.

Let’s find out how to go about it.

Launch Home Control Settings

Prompt Google Assistant by pressing and holding the home button knob on your Android gadget.

If you are using iOS, launch the Google Assistant application. Click the blue menu option at the interface’s top right side.

Tap the three-dot option and select settings before clicking the Home control option under services.

Link Your Smart Home Gadgets

Access the Devices menu which you can find at the Home control screen. Click the blue plus button at the bottom right side.

You will see a complete list of smart home gadgets compatible with Google Assistant. Identify your brand and choose it.

Designate Gadgets to Rooms

After pairing Google Assistant with your smart gadgets, you will receive an alert to connect each gadget with rooms.

This will help differentiate different gadgets when delivering commands for instance: Turn off the bathroom lights or Turn off the bedroom lights.

Click each of the gadget’s names from the list and select a room from the subsequent screen. Many of the common room names are offered by default.

However, if you prefer placing an unlisted gadget inside a room you can click “Custom Room” at the end of the screen and manually list a room name.

Once the gadgets are designated to their applicable rooms click the “Done” button from the top side of the screen.

Here, an error message is likely to pop. In that case, click “Done” once more.

You’ll know that the gadgets have been successfully designated to the rooms once you see “You’re all set!” screen.

Designate Nicknames to Your Gadgets


At this point, you will be in a position to regulate the gadgets you’ve added just as they are. However, many of them may not be user-friendly depending on your configuration.

This is whyGoogle introduced Nicknames to help with easy identification.

List a second name for your gadgets which you can utilize in voice commands reciprocally. Click the Home control menu and select each gadget separately.

Choose Nickname and include a more applicable name in the field before pressing “OK”

How to use Google Assistant for Home Automation

Now you can regulate your smart home gadgets using your voice.

Start by either clicking the microphone option and telling Google Assistant what you need or saying “OK Google.”

For instance, if you want to increase the temperature on your smart thermostat, say “Set the (gadget name or nickname) to 76 degrees.”

If you want to switch off your smart lights all you need to say is “Switch off the (Gadget name or nickname).”

Remember, you can regulate all your gadgets in a particular room.

For instance, you can say “Turn off the kitchen” or “Turn the bedroom off.”

There will be some allowance with the commands seeing that Google Assistant can easily understand what’s being said.

This means you will not be obligated to say the commands in a designated manner.

Google Assistant allows you to speak according to your preferences.

If you designated one nickname to two or more gadgets you can regulate separate groups of smart gadgets in one room.

For example, assuming you have six smart light bulbs in your bedroom.

Two on your bedside lamps and three along with the ceiling fan.

If you have named them “Bed Stand Light 1” and “Bed Stand Light 2” all you need to say is “Switch off the Bed Stand lights.”

Google Assistant will then switch off the two bedside bulbs as opposed to the bulbs in the entire bedroom.


Current technological advancements have transformed the way we do things at home.

You can easily automate your home for enhanced convenience as we have seen.

Controlling smart gadgets in different rooms depending on their names or nicknames today is easier.

What’s more, Google Assistant can understand what you say meaning you won’t be limited to saying the same commands all through.

Home automation is fast becoming popular among many homeowners. With this technology, you can control processes in your home from the comfort of your smart gadget.

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