The Google Assistant is a ubiquitous piece of technology that underlies numerous smart devices. With the many brands of TVs and home devices available, there may be different ways of how to use the Google Assistant with different TV brands. Here is how to use Google Assistant on LG TV.

With the Google Assistant, you can ditch your remote and the stressful on-screen keyboard to enjoy your TV viewing. You now have the ability to tell your TV what you want to watch and it will listen to you.

Here is how to setup your LG TV with the Google Assistant for a more pleasant viewing.

Check that your TV has the Google Assistant

To work with the Google Assistant on your LG TV, it is important that you are aware of the presence of the Google Assistant on your TV. This makes it easier to begin the integration process of your Google Assistant.

Once you confirm that your TV is compatible you can start the process of kicking away your remote. However, before you are fully able to control your TV with your voice keep your remote close.

Press down the microphone button on your remote

This signifies to the TV that you would like to speak to it. This will activate Google Assistant on your LG TV and you can talk to your TV once you are through with the following steps.

On the Google Assistant page

Once the Google Assistant on the TV is activated, you will be required to agree to its privacy settings. These settings are the same settings for all other devices that use Google Assistant. Therefore, all you must do now is click on the box that says you agree to the settings and conditions for use.

Agree to Information Sharing

If you have a Google account, it will have all your other devices that you may use Google Assistant on. In your journey to relaxed TV viewing, this page will need you to ensure that the Google Assistant on your TV has access to all your devices. That your devices and the apps in them can be easily accessed.

This goes a long way in helping the Google Assistant to get to know your preferences and help you enjoy your entertainment sessions when you sit down at your couch.

Learn to Use Google Assistant on LG Tv

Agree to information sharing and you are good to go with Google Assistant on your LG TV now ready to use.

You can now throw away your remote and enjoy a hands-free TV session.

How you can use Google Assistant on your LG TV

Do away with your remote and TV keyboard

This is the very first benefit that you gain from activating the Google Assistant on your TV. All you need is your voice and you are watching your favorite movies, music or videos from different sources on the internet.

Enjoy your favorite videos from different channels

With your LG TV Google Assistant, you can catch your favorite entertainment channels. You can watch You Tube, Netflix and numerous other movie and TV series channels that you prefer. All this is done by a single voice command to the streaming channel that you feel has the best entertainment for you at that time.

Adjust your TV volume

By the sound of your voice, you can now adjust the volume on your TV. If you want to have your TV in the background as you work on something else, just instruct it to reduce the volume and just like that, your house is less noisy and you can focus on your work as you watch TV noiselessly.

Check the weather

With your LG TV, you now do not need your phone or any other device to get your weather updates.

Ask your TV and it will display on the screen all the weather details that you require to have before you leave your house.

Search Google

You do not have to log on to your computer every time you want to check something from the internet. Just ask your TV and you will be reading your results in a second. You can use it to order pizza or just to get some information.


The LG TV comes with the Google Assistant technology in it. To use it, the above are the steps you need to follow. It is a convenient technology that allows you to do more with your TV than you could have ever imagined possible.

The Google Assistant on your TV enables you accomplish more as you keep up with modern technology.

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