Over the past few years, the utilization of smart Tv technology has radically increased, not as it were in the United States but around the World.

Research shows that as of February 2018, more than 58% of Americans had used a voice assistant to control their TV. This number has only increased since.

LG's ThinQ AI TVs have been at the forefront in allowing users to enjoy this technology, thanks to Google's assistant. By learning how to use Google Assistant on LG TV, users can proudly add it to their 'smart' collection.

While you may be content with the state of your old Tv, LG’s smart TV offers numerous benefits you can’t afford to miss.

Underneath, we look at a few ways you'll be able to use the Google Assistant on your LG Tv to your advantage.

1. Voice controls over your Tv menu

One of the most common habits we all possess is forgetting where we placed the Tv remote. Everyone does it, and it can be very irritating.

While you can still use the TV buttons; let's face it, no one loves walking up to the TV to change a station, or adjust the volume.

Fortunately, LG's smart Tv has found a solution to this issue. Their ThinQ tv arrives inbuilt with the Google Assistant, which makes voice commands imaginable.

This, therefore, means that you can control your TV from the comfort of your couch without a remote! Switch channels, adjust environs, and browse through movie records easily.

You can even set timers to turn off the TV if you are the type who sleeps through a movie night.

2. Manage your day’s activities

Similar to on the phone, you'll be able to use Google Assistant on your LG Tv as your assistant. You'll be able to plan occasions on your calendar, set reminders and goals, and indeed adjust your shopping list.

The assistant can also notify you of the weather in different locations, traffic along your route, and news alerts. You don't have to concern yourself with typing inquiries on your browser, simply ask your TV, and it'll deliver you results.

All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the different commands for the TV. Commands like "Switch to channel A," or "Open B App," or even "Connect to X," should be at your fingertips.

3. Control other smart devices

With your smart LG tv, you can do more than just planning your day and controlling your TV. You can also control other compatible devices in your network! Google Assistant gives you control over your smart thermostat, smart lights, and the air conditioning units, among others.

As such, you may not have to leave your living room to adjust the thermostat, just talk to your Tv, and the task gets done.

Its efficiency and ease of use make it a good option when you're looking for a command center.

4. Pull up family Photos

Whenever you want to share your family album and pictures, let google assistant sort you out. The assistant will access your photos from Google Photos and display them on your screen.

It can also pull up a show from any streaming up by simply asking it to look for a specific film. You can thus rest comfortably and watch as your TV does everything for you.

5. Search Maps

Google Assistant also allows your Tv to accept commands for google maps. You can use it to search for the best locations for restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc.

When unsure of where you are going, your Tv can pull up the Maps quickly, giving you clear directions.

You can also use your LG Tv to get updates on the products market prices! Simply get the right command, and you’ll be exemplary to go.

Look out for…

Evidently, enabling Google assistant on your LG Tv welcomes a luxurious, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle.

However, you can’t assume the perks and cons associated with these smart TVs. Since the voice assistant is always listening and waiting for commands, you need to be sure that your privacy is improved.

That’s why you need to ensure that you have a secure smart home system like Vera. Vera smart home team offers professional monitoring for all your smart devices' security.

They also use different protocols, including Z-wave technology,to connect all your devices safely.


The existence of smart TVs in the market has suggested that you can now achieve more from them. LG TVs with built-in Google Assistant enable users to voice command their Tv, organize their daily activities, control other smart devices, and even pull up their family photos.

With technology favoring the development of these voice-controlled TVs, it’s about time you learn how to use Google Assistant on your LG TV.

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