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If you are reading this article, probably you have heard about Google home automation, sometimes called a smart home. With this, you can control the affairs of your home automatically. Just a click away, you can control lightings, alarm systems, heating and cooling, doors, and gates, to mention but a few.

Google has taken the options of a smart home to television now. If you master the tips on how to use Google Assistant on Sony TV, you say bye to remote controls and buttons. Gone are the days of remote controls getting lost. What about buying batteries for it and replacing old/spoilt ones?

With Google home, all that inconvenience is history. This article is here to show you how.

Let’s dive right in

Tips on How to use Google Assistant on Sony TV

Before technology brought the best of us, most TVs were using switches, buttons, and remote controls. But now, if you have a smart TV, everything is just a click away.

Most TV brands now come with some applications already installed. These include Android TV, Chromecast, and Google Home, among others.

Top on the list of these TV brands is Sony Smart TV. It comes installed with more apps/features than any other smart TV. They include;

  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Can easily use voice commands
  • Is compatible with the best voice assistant devices

All these make it easy for you to convert an ordinary home into a “smart home.”


To successfully connect Sony TV Google home, you will require the following;

  • Sony Smart TV
  • Smartphone or tablet (must support android 5.0 and up)
  • Chromecast (for TVs without in-built chrome)
  • Google Home
  • Google Home App
  • Secure internet connection.

When all the above are in place, then we can get started.

Since most TVs come with the Chromecast already installed, we’ll focus on those.

Check if you can cast content on the screen. If yes, then Chromecast is enabled.

If not, perhaps Chromecast is disabled. Follow these steps below to activate it

  • Press HOME on the IR/TV remote (Alternatively, your smartphone can also work as a remote by the help of apo)
  • Select settings
  • Press App. It’s usually below the TV category.
  • Then choose system App
  • Select Google Cast Receiver or Chromecast Built-in
  • Then lastly, select Enable.

Here are the steps to connect and Turn on Sony TV with Google Home

Make sure you that you downloaded Google Home App on your phone. If not, get it on the Apple store or Google play store.

  • On your phone, open the app.
  • Select more settings.
  • Select TVs and Speakers.
  • Press the +icon.
  • Press Sony Smart TV with Chromecast Built-in.
  • More setup instructions will be given. Be sure to follow them.
  • When linking is complete, select Done.

After, try talking/ giving commands to your Google assistant. It will do as instructed. Remember, first to say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.”

If you have paired/ linked many gadgets to your Google Home, then you can think of nicknaming your device. Some people use rooms to assign devices to different locations. It helps you to identify your devices quickly.

Google Assistant on Sony TV

Here is How to Turn Off Google Assistant Sony TV

  • On your phone, open the Google app
  • Select menu
  • Then settings
  • Then Google Assistant
  • Click settings
  • Then phone
  • Lastly, click Disable.

Alternatively, you can disable Google assistant on the TV. Here is how;

  • Using the TV remote, press Menu
  • Then press Frequent settings
  • Then All Settings
  • Select Android Settings
  • Then Device preferences
  • Select Accessibility
  • Then select Services.
  • Then select TalkBack.
  • Then move the slider to off.

Your Google Home is now disabled.

Google Home

Ezlo Smart TV and The USB hub

Ezlo home automation uses The USB hub to link to Google Home as opposed to Wi-Fi. Specifically, they need smart TVs that come with a USB port. The USB port should be able to accept several devices to connect. A typical hub usually has four ports.

To use the USB hub and smart TV, you’ll need to connect a mouse and keyboard. However, advanced smart TVs have tried to phase out the mouse and keyboard features. The more technology advances, the more natural things should be.

Vera Smart TV

Vera Home automation works with more devices compared to Ezlo. Its devices also support Wi-Fi.

Vera plus can control over 200 devices at the same time. Therefore it makes it cost-friendly and convenient.

Wrap up.

Today you can control your entire home’s affairs on your smartphone. Gone are the days when people associated Google home to a speaker. It’s more than that.

After you have mastered how to use Google assistant on SonyTV, you can command it to change channels, dim light, save your favorite program, etc.

Though Vera supports Wi-Fi, it hasn’t upgraded to smart TV. Ezlo also doesn’t support Smart TV.

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